“Vishal’s ‘PRIME FOCUS’ isn’t about marriage” – Parthiepan’s speech in opening ceremony of TFPC’s o

Grand opening of Tamil Film Producers Council Office along with the announcement of Mastering, Cloning and Delivery of contents to Theatres has happened yesterday.

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In order to settle down all the office issues of TFPC (Tamil Film Producers Council) and simultaneously pepping with arrangements for ‘Ilaiyaraaja 75’ event which will happen on February 2nd and 3rd, there has been grand opening of Tamil Film Producers Council Office yesterday in which the occasion had the presence of TFPC President Vishal, Vice-President R. Parthiepan, Secretaries – Kathiresan and SS Durairaj along with the executive committee members – Manoj Kumar, Praveen Kanth, Mittai Anbu, Winner Ramachandran, Shankar. Along with them, S.S. Albert of Microplex Global Pvt. Ltd who has generously offered workspace for TFPC without rental charges and Ranjit Thakur of Prime Focus Digital Business Head have appeared in the delightful event.

When TFPC President Producer and Actor Vishal has addressed the event he has stated that, “Firstly I wanted to convey my heartiest thanks to Mr. Albert of Mircoplex for giving us such a good space without charging rent, which is something really phenomenal. The main operations will be continuing from the other TPFC offices and this will be an additional one. I also welcome Mr. Ranjith of Prime Focus into Tamil film industry. This is going to be a real big boon for the producers, who had succumbed to unbearable burdens of paying for the projectors since we (TPFC) are now associating with Prime Focus and Multiplex for making the challenging dream of ‘Mastering Unit’ which seemed to be a difficult one. I am once again thanking Mr. Albert for aiding in making things possible with ‘Microplex unit’ as it has wonderful attributes of Preview Theatre accommodating 50 recliner seats, which can be used by small time producers for censor and special preview screening.”

When TFPC Vice-President R Parthiepan has spoken in the opening ceremony, he has stated with witty puns about ‘Microplex’ as , “Today ‘Mirco-Plex’ might look ‘Micro’, but it will eventually get Macro-Plex soon and it’s not just ‘PLEX’, but ‘PLUS’ to the Tamil film industry.”

Continued with appreciating Vishal’s tremendous work in associating with ‘Prime Focus’ for TFPC in between his marriage preparations, Parthiepan has stated that, “Vishal’s ‘PRIME FOCUS’ isn’t about marriage, but he has always been working rigorously in doing the best towards TFPC in his tenure. The time that he is spending along with us over the betterment and progress of TFPC has been really great.”

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