‘Peranbu’ Movie Review!

Appreciative and unique love with great attempt is ‘Peranbu’

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Direction: Ram

Production: Shree Rajalakshmi Films

Cast: Mammootty, Anjali, Anjali Ameer and ‘Thangameengal’ Sadhana

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Theni Easwar

Editor: Suriya Pradhaman

Winning 3 national awards through ‘Thangameengal’ already, it has been so much prideful that Ram’s ‘Peranbu’ starring Mammootty, Anjali, Anjali Ameer and ‘Thangameengal’ Sadhana in important roles has been screened in many International Film Festivals and has been showered with numerous appreciations and awards much before the release. Will this story of ‘Paapa’ have the showering of love in ‘Peranbu’?


Paapa (‘Thangameengal’ Sadhana) grows to be a differently abled child such that her mom leaves her father, Amudhavan (Mammootty) in order to live her own life with her affair after growing her disabled daughter for many years. Being hatred by his relatives, friends and even by society, how Amudhavan grows his daughter, how he loves her and wishes to give her whatever she wanted in her life like every girl child wishes to receive, what will be the consequences and what will be struggle of a father is all about the love shown in the climax of ‘Peranbu’!


Ram has showed all inside the screen which is actually impossible to demonstrate with the practical narration of nature’s play in human’s life as his 12 chapters in this movie. Father’s feelings who really wishes to fulfil the needs and emotions of a disabled daughter which involves changing sanitary pads during menses, the emotions she has in her teenage, has been wonderfully portrayed in the movie whereas the pain and the slap which a father gets for asking to fulfil his daughter’s sexual desire! Mammootty has just lived as ‘Paapa’s father’ in the movie. And the beautiful end which is moving all our hearts with tears will definitely ensure to think that, “this movie is worth watching in screens with family”. However we don’t have to appreciate so much since the movie has proved its pride in worldwide screens already, cinematography of Theni Easwar and editing of Suriya Pradhaman has helped Ram’s narrative thoughts onto the screens very brilliantly. Seems to be little slow and with of more silence, ‘Peranbu’ will convince all these aspects with the breath-taking silence till the end.


‘Peranbu’ will be the answer for why has Ram chosen Mammootty to act in this movie even though there are plenty of actors in Tamil. Making us stun with the performance like a differently abled girl, ‘Thangameengal’ Sadhana will make us think ‘is she the one who talked more in ‘Thengameengal?’. Perfectly owed as father and daughter, both of them have proved their excellence. As a sudden wife, Anjali and as a loving person and a transgender, Anjali Ameer, as a counselling person, Samuthrakani, as a disabled kids home supervisor, Shanmugarajan, have played their roles absolutely supporting the feel of the movie.

Generally when we mention about ‘What works?’ and ‘What doesn’t works?’, some of the brilliant movies might not have any minuses whereas in order to mention as a gist, the slow feeling which travelled and Sadhana’s performance at some instances seemed over exaggerated.

On the whole, ‘Peranbu’ is a play of nature between a loving father and a disabled daughter which will definitely melt us from within her hearts.


Appreciative and unique love with great attempt is ‘Peranbu’



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