“Ilaiyaraaja represents to be the gem of Indian Cinema” – Actor Vishal!

The brief note about Governor of Tamil Nadu and Actor Vishal’s speech in ‘Ilaiyaraaja – 75’ event.

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Organized by Tamil Film Producers Council, ‘Ilaiyaraaja – 75’ has been happening on February 2nd and 3rd in YMCA Grounds at Nandanam, Chennai. Inaugurated by lighting the lamps through the hands of Governor of Tamil Nadu, Banwarilal Purohit, the occasion has been delighted with the presence of Director S P Muthuraman, President of Tamil Film Producers Council, Actor Vishal, General Secretary Kathiresan, Treasurer S R Prabhu, S S Durairaj and many others. Along with the launch of the book which had the details about Ilaiyaraaja, ‘Maestro’ has been presented with a golden violin.

Continued with that, Governor Banwarilal has addressed the event with the speech stating that, “I am happy to take part in this grand ‘Ilaiyaraaja – 75’ event. Ilaiyaraaja’s musical journey will be endless. How many ever hindrances arise, he was desperate about achieving his goals and that’s why he is in such great position. It’s very surprising to see him after composing 7000 songs in 1000 movies and also after performing 20,000 concerts. Tamil Film Producers Council is making ‘Padhmavibushan’ Ilaiyaraaja very proud by honoring him with such event. This event will be memorable to everyone for many years.”

When Vishal gave a speech, he has stated that, “There will be a King to rule the nation in every country. But in the matter of music, there is only King (Raja) and that is one and only ‘Isaignani’ Ilaiyaraaja. If his music was not there, the long journey would have been disappeared long back. Before checking if there is fuel in the car, the driver will definitely make sure first if there is a cassette with Ilaiyaraaja songs. If the travel is till Kashmir, the travel will be soothing only with his songs.

We are not alone proud but also we think organizing this event is a duty. No other genius like Ilaiyaraaja will be born or can be created. It’s not wrong to spend money innumerably by the son for his father. And the neighbors’ comment on that as a wrong thing is not actually right because it’s a duty which should be done for father. It’s not wrong to conduct such grand event for Ilaiyaraaja.

It reminds us about the dialogue stated in ‘Thiruvilayadal’ movie i.e., “Some people will be praising and getting fame. Some will be appreciated by pointing out mistakes.” Just like the verses mentioned we will be positioned in the history by honoring Ilaiyaraaja. In the same way, people who were against organizing such event will also be mentioned in the history.

And that is why Ilaiyaraaja has composed a song, “Yenkita Modhaadhe Naan Raajaathi Rajanada… Vambukku Izhukaadhae Naan Veeraadhi Veeranadaa…” This will be well understood to the people who I actually mean. Not only for Tamil Cinema, Ilaiyaraaja is represented as a gem for the entire Indian Cinema. You all are going to enjoy the best musical treat on these two days.”

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