“Ilaiyaraaja has not composed hit songs for me like he did for Kamal” – Superstar Rajnikanth

Rajnikanth has stated how he see Ilaiyaraaja and about his experience on working with him in ‘Ilaiyaraaja – 75’ event.

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On the second day (3/2/2019) of ‘Ilaiyaraaja – 75’, the famous superstars of Indian Cinema like Rajnikanth, Kamal Haasan, Tollywood actor Mohan Babu, Central Government Minister Pon Radha Krishnan, Directors Shankar and Maniratnam, Isari Ganesh, A C Shanmugam and many others were present.

When Superstar Rajnikanth spoke about Ilaiyaraaja, he stated that, “Among all forms of art, music is a soulful art form. And that’s why I respect musicians more. Some of the lingam will be formed in water. Some will be created by humans. And some will be formed naturally. Ilaiyaraaja is like such self existing lingam (Suyambulingam) which is very unusual. When it is reflecting out, its power and impact will be vast. I am seeing the power which rose in ‘Annakili’ film that has been continuing till now. I will call him as ‘sir’ earlier. On one instance, he has changed his attire from shirt and trousers to Kurta and dhoti. From that moment, I started calling him as ‘Seer’ (Saamy). Ilaiyaraaja is the one who introduced me to Ramana Maharishi.

He has made me to sing in the movie ‘Mannan’ in which I played the lead. He has composed many songs for me. But compared to me, he has given many hit songs for Kamal.”

Interrupting Rajnikanth’s speech, Ilaiyaraaja has stated that, “He is telling like this but if we ask Kamal, he will question me why I am not composing songs for him like I compose to Rajni.” which had been much enjoyed by audience with huge claps.

Next to that when Kamal Haasan came to the stage, he has accepted the saying which was passed by Ilaiyaraaja mentioning that he didn’t compose songs for him like he did for Rajni. Then after Kamal’s daughter Shruti Haasan has sung the classic songs if Ilaiyaraaja’s composition from the movies ‘Hey Ram’ and ‘Sivappu Rojakkal’ which had been headed by the orchestra of Ilaiyaraaja.

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