To Let’ Movie Review!

To Let’ Movie Review!

Reviews 21-Feb-2019 2:20 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: Chezhiyan

Production: zhla Cinema

Cast: Santhosh Sreeram, Sheela Rajkumar, Dharun & Aadhira Pandilakshmi

Cinematography: Chezhiyan

Editor: Sreekar Prasad

Almost going several rounds across the world by winning many awards and also in getting nominated in more than 100 film festivals, Cinematographer Chezhiyan’s debut directorial ‘To Let’ has been much expected in the very long time. However the movie had very good reviews through multiple screenings already; let this review give you the idea about the story of a middle class family in searching a house.

Illango is an aspiring writer who has a great desire to achieve in his life through film making and waits for the right opportunity for becoming a director whereas Illango’s lovely wife Amudha lives with him supporting him and takes care of their son, Siddharth throughout the odds of saving every penny for every month’s expenses. All of a sudden, their harsh house owner asks them to vacate the house because of gradually building up misunderstandings. However with the little savings which is saved for daily expenses and for Siddharth’s school fees, Illango and Amudha start searching for a house with a margin in the rental budgets they have within the time period they were asked for vacating. On the other hand, Ilango finds the difficulties of being in a middle class family and people’s conditions if he belongs to the film industry for giving a house for rent. Somehow with great struggles, they somehow find a house with a little bit of hiking in the margin of budget they have and also with the little faking about Ilango’s job. Will they definitely shift the house within the deadline given by the rude house owner? Will the new house owner find the faking about Illango’s job? The climax of ‘To – Let’ will reveal about the practical situation faced by the middle class family in the vast city of Chennai.

Beautifully showcasing about the routines of every middle class family’s house, the screenplay of ‘To – Let’ is straight in a linear stream such that the visualizations having the kids’ playing stone, paper and scissors game through gazing across the windows, interest of growing plants even in the bad state of finance, kid scribbling on the walls, basic mobile phones, normal costumes and a TVS excel bike which will hardly save time to start has been much effective with the live background sounds and has induced for the great appeal to watch throughout in spite of the slow screenplay. However the movie had 99 minutes of run time, the editing of Sreekar Prasad has been clear, neat and much interesting in every frame. Special appreciations for Chezhiyan for achieving in his first directorial by attempting the simple story without any over exaggeration and with a limited cast and crew!

About the performance of the cast, the debutants, Santhosh Sreeram, Sheela Rajkumar (Asuravadham girl) and the four years old kid, Dharun has performed their roles just naturally as much as required. Aadhira Pandilakshmi as a rude house owner has also performed her role well supporting the remaining budding actors.

On the whole, unlike the movies with the ideas having serious messages and some theme with different genres and complications these days, ‘To – Let’ has proved to be the best in showing out the practical and simple instances of life to the entire world comparing to be same as in reality.
‘To Let’ is all about practical sufferings in running over the daily routines faced by every middle class

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