‘LKG’ Movie Review!

‘LKG’ is a good and safe attempt which will win people’s heart easily.

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Direction: K.R Prabhu

Production: Vels Film International

Cast: RJ Balaji, Priya Anand, Nanjil Sampath & J. K. Rithesh

Music: Leon James

Cinematography: Vidhu Ayyanna

Editor: Anthony

Ever funny with talking and also with spontaneous thinking, we very knew that RJ Balaji is much expected to indulge laughter through this political comedy film, ‘LKG’. However this is the special attempt of RJ Balaji along with his friends, will this be a success in screens? Will ‘LKG’ convey some serious message without directly pointing out any of the present political status of the country?


Lalgudi Karuppaiah Gandhi (RJ Balaji) commonly known as ‘LKG’ grows up seeing his politician father (Nanjil Sampath) being a failure in politics and also without earning good money and fame. Somehow with the naughty ideas which he has about politics and people’s views in politics, LKG becomes the councilor in Lalgudi such that he is always calculative for votes every time he does something to people for becoming something big easily in politics. On the other hand, there is a great buzz circulating in the state about CM’s serious health condition with the question of who will be the CM if he dies. LKG understands this is the time to stand as a candidate for becoming CM and then looks for a corporate company for doing promotions with memes, videos and many other social networking operations. He also gets trained to be an eligible politician through the company’s head, Sarah aka Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand). With trending buzz about him in Internet, he gets opportunity to impress CM’s friend who is about to be the next CM and also stuck with many corruption cases which is much awaited to keep him imprisoned anytime. LKG then understands that the opponent party and leader Ramaraj Pandian (J. K. Rithesh) to be a big threat for him to compete and become a CM. What will happen next? How will LKG manage the great power of Ramaraj Pandian and become CM? Even if he becomes a CM will the public accept his new face as an eligible CM? is the story of ‘LKG’!


We very well knew that RJ Balaji has been an effective social activist such that he has also implied his ideas in ‘LKG’ about the practical instances in present days’ politics gently tapping the acts of corruption happening throughout the nation with no end. With linear story, without unwanted romances scenes and duet songs, and with spontaneous wits RJ Balaji’s work with his friends in this film has been bustling out laughter on theatres. Might make us remember Vijay Devarkonda’s ‘NOTA’ in some instances, this ‘LKG’ has beaten up that movie because of the strong team work on dialogues and comedy very sensibly. Cinematography of Vidhu Ayyanna and editing of Anthony seems to be neat and clear throughout by supporting the concept of the usage of social media and the effects of technology in politics that the story holds and focuses on, the background music and songs of Leon James has also been descent for this movie.


Besides seeing him as an RJ, comedian and in supporting roles, RJ Balaji’s screen presence for the first time as a lead and also as a screenplay writer has been a good attempt. Special appreciations for doing with whatever performance he usually gives without over exaggerating. Priya Anand as a corporate company head has been refreshing with her slim and professional looks supporting alongside with RJ Balaji with the assistance of debutant K R Prabhu in direction. Nanjil Sampath who has done the role of a politician who undergoes failure and as a father has aptly done his role whereas Mayilsamy as the advisor has also performed well. However the entry of J. K. Rithesh has been unexpected with a mass sequence which was continued to be mass till climax, the performance of other actors like Ram Kumar and many other characters has done their roles well.

What works?

1) Straight execution on core point without having any romance and duets

2) Dialogues and comedy scenes

3) Leon James’s music

What doesn’t work?

1) Predictable twist and turns

2) Manobala character

On the whole, ‘LKG’ is a funny but sensible description of present political status of the nation with comedy.


‘LKG’ is a good and safe attempt which will win people’s heart easily.



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