‘Thirumanam (Sila Thiruthangaludan)’ Movie Review!

‘Thirumanam’ is a descent attempt in influencing the facts about spending fancy expenses for a marriage!

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Direction: Cheran

Production: Preniss International

Cast: Umapathy Ramaiah, Kavya Suresh, Thambi Ramaiah, Cheran & Sukanya

Music: Siddharth Vipin & Sabesh - Murali

Cinematography: Rajesh Yadav

Editor: Ponnuvel Damodaran

Coming back after a short break with movies, will this Cheran’s directorial ‘Thirumanam (Sila Thiruthangaludan)’ work emotionally with Umapathy Ramaiah and debutant Kavya Suresh?


Aadhira (Kavya Suresh) and Mahesh (Umapathy Ramaiah) are in deep love with lots of maturity such that when they take the proposal about marriage to their families, they get more objections with lots of different opinions from their family members especially from Aadhira’s brother, Arivudainambi (Cheran, an Income Tax office employee) and Mahesh’s sister, Sukanya (Manonmani). However Aadhira belongs to a middle class family which depends on the money which is hard earned from a normal Government job and Mahesh belonging to a wealthy family who has great income from their ancestral business, the calculations on marriage expenses done by Arivu irritates Manonmani which ends up in calling off the marriage. What will happen next? Will the genuine love between Aadhira and Mahesh unite them with the acceptance of their family members?


Director Cheran has tried telling the fact about the unwanted expenses of a wedding in a usual way such that he has carried over the good sense of maturity in the characterization of the love between Kavya Suresh and Mahesh. However the songs of Siddharth Vipin seemed to be not as impressive, there resembled to be a soap opera type of background music scoring of Sabesh – Murali throughout the film. Moving from the beginning with the emotions, love, family sentiments and also about financial commitments, the movie has been with the usual story which seemed very lengthy with lots of song insertions in the second half. Other technical aspects like cinematography of Rajesh Yadav and editing of Ponnuvel Damodaran has been quiet neat throughout the movie.


As main leads and as a good couple, Umapathy Ramaiah and Kavya Suresh have performed their characters well. Along with them, Cheran as Kavya’s brother, Seema G Nair as Kavya’s mother, Sukanya as Umapathy’s sister, Thambi Ramaiah as Kavya’s uncle, M S Bhaskar as Umapathy’s uncle, Jayaprakash as an Income Tax officer have done their roles as required to be the characterizations.

What works?

1) Portrayal of the genuine and matured love

2) Facts about marriage and for the preparations of marriage

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual story

2) Slow moving first half and songs

On the whole,
‘Thirumanam’ can’t assure if it can fulfill all age groups of audience like previous films of Cheran since it deals with the usual ideas about marriage.


‘Thirumanam’ is a descent attempt in influencing the facts about spending fancy expenses for a marriage!



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