‘90ml’ Movie Review!

‘90ml’ will give a fulfillment which is worth only a ‘shot’!

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Direction: Anita Udeep

Production: Nviz Entertainment

Cast: Oviya, Anson Paul, Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram,Shree Gopika & Bommu Lakshmi

Music: STR

Cinematography: Aravind Krishna

Editor: Anthony

Almost after 10 years of ‘Kulir 100°’, Anita Udeep has been ready with the sensational movie ‘90ml’ which seems to be with complete women’s adult content. However the trailer and sneak peeks has been becoming viral everywhere much before the release, will ‘90ml’ be attractive than the expectations made? Is this worth a ‘90ml’drink?


Rita (Oviya) is a new resident in an apartment such that she comes across ladies generally taking care of their lives with their family and with their usual commitments. However those four ladies have different problems in their lives, they get to be happy only because of seeing and being friendly with Rita who lives her life without any commitment and in the way she love to live. What are the consequences of hanging out as a girl’s gang? What are the problems they face together? How their families see them to be uncultured women?


However some of the films now a days talk about feminism and the freedom for women in enjoying equal rights that the men enjoys, the special appreciations for the attempt of clearly establishing about the girl gang hanging out and the adult talks which generally girls have and do. Moving forward only with dialogues, the movie seems to be without the end theme which makes incomplete with abruptly ending climax. Besides that, STR’s music and background score looks so laid down except the funky energetic “Marana Matta…” song whereas cinematography and editing has been quite descent as it is required for the movie.


Already impressing the world audience with the attitude of ‘I am what I am’, nobody can be apt to the character of ‘Rita’ than Oviya by amazingly performing with her walk, body language and style. Equally coping up with her, the remaining 4 girls (Masoom Shankar, Monisha Ram,Shree Gopika & Bommu Lakshmi) have performed well which is needed for their characterizations have to be actually portrayed. Like lemons to the spicy chicks, some guys also appear lighting up the screens then and there.

What works?

1) Oviya

2) Some interesting scenes

What doesn’t work?

1) Not impactful story

2) Unsatisfied climax

On the whole, in the times of having bolder content in ‘Netflix’ and ‘Amazon Prime’, ‘90ml’ might be a gist for all those sensations in Tamil. Apart from that, ‘90ml’ might have been still more interesting with spicing up if it had the proper establishment!


‘90ml’ will give a fulfillment which is worth only a ‘shot’!



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