‘Boomerang’ Movie Review!

‘Boomerang’ is a no new weapon to come back on screens!

Reviews 8-Mar-2019 3:31 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Direction: R Kannan

Production: Masala Pix

Cast: Atharvaa, Megha Akash, Indhuja Ravichandran, Upen Patel, Sathish & RJ Balaji

Music: Radhan

Cinematography: Prasanna Kumar

Editor: R.K. Selva

After ‘Imaikkaa Nodigal’, will this much awaited Atharvaa starrer movie, ‘Boomerang’ directed by ‘Ivan Thanthiran’ Kannan will be a successful movie? Or it will be a normal movie which will talk about farmers issue and river water connecting issues?


Shiva (Atharvaa) gets a face transplantation surgery with the face of Shakthi whereas he seems to be reborn with a new life because of such surgery to his parents as well as to his friends. However Shiva finds so many of them trying to kill him by mistake thinking him to be Shakthi. Why are they trying to kill him mistaking his face to be Shakthi’s face? What is the reason? Who is Shakthi? How Shakthi has been dead? What is the background of Shakthi which comes as a ‘Boomerang’ to Shiva even after his death? makes the climax of ‘Boomerang’!


Just using the only idea about face transplantation and also about the drug which doesn’t give evident for any death, R Kannan has tried out the usual idea about the agriculture, youngsters’ revolution in reminding people about agriculture and river water connecting issues which had been already used as a ‘fashion’ in many of the Kollywood movies these days. Only concentrating on love and also about finding about the mystery behind the lead’s face, story seems to be without moving forward even after the second half. However he tried to bring the idea of youngsters working in corporate companies to value the traditional agricultural idea and implement in our own motherland, no other aspects seems to be new since the point has not been made straight even in the second half. Visuals with more grains, involving more characters in many small portions, unwanted romance and Sathish’s comedy seems to bore and dirty almost everywhere, it looks like the movie has been made only with a limited budget. Overall the background music composed by Radhan seems to be descent throughout the movie. But let’s hope at least R Kannan will know the fact that how face transplantation person will have the same voice of the donor.


As usual Atharvaa seems to owe whatever he was asked for whereas at some instances we might get doubts if RJ Balaji is the actual hero in the film because of his powerful dialogues and strong body language. However Megha Akash seems to be like a beauty material throughout the film except in the scene for telling about idea of the drug which kills a person without any evidence, Indhuja seems to be the actual important heroine in the movie because of her strong role. Being the best friend of Atharvaa in the movie, Sathish has bored in almost all the scenes he has appeared and disappeared without any clue. Other actors like Suhasini, Motta Rajendiran, Upen Patel, Mahendran and many others have acted well as much as required for their characters but have been wasted without giving much importance in the film.

What works?

1) Atharvaa

2) Background Music

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual scenes reminding about movies like ‘Face Off’, ‘Kaththi’, ‘Ayudha Yeluthu’ etc.,

2) Cinematography

On the whole, ‘Boomerang’ has been the usual story with the normal heroic moments without any unusual idea about agriculture and river connecting issues.


‘Boomerang’ is a no new weapon to come back on screens!



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