‘Agni Devi’ Movie Review!

‘Agni Devi’ is a battle without fire

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Direction: John Paul Raj & Sham Surya
Production: Seatoa Studios & Jai Film Productions
Cast: Bobby Simha, Madhu Bala, Ramya Nambeesan, Sathish, Livingston & Delhi Ganesh
Music: Jakes Bejoy
Cinematography: Jana
Editor: Deepak

After directing ‘Chennaiyil Oru Naal 2’, Director JPR has joined hands with the debutant Sham Surya in ‘Agni Devi’ such that it has been a great await for the release with so much issues which has been involved within the team. But why ‘Agni Devi’ has been made delayed for the release? It has anything related to present day politics? Let this review explain you if it is actually ‘Agni Vs Devi’ or ‘Agni Devi’!


Agni Dev is an IPS officer who comes across a strange murder case of a reporter Aruna, in which he finds something unusual. When he follows the traces of the murder he finds that Shakunthala Devi (a Minister who has great control on her party members and even on Government) is the powerful and criminal political face behind the mystical death of Aruna. Even with great difficulties if Agni reaches till the answer for the death of Aruna, what stops him and what will he do to make Shankunthala Devi to fall in his trap for all the corruptions and atrocities she did? Why Aruna was actually killed? What will happen to Agni Dev? What will happen to Shakunthala Devi? The riot gives the emotional answer in the climax of ‘Agni Devi’!


Inculcating the major incidents which had shaken up Tamilnadu, the plot seems to have so many disturbances without executing what is the main idea of the film. However it has been mentioned in the beginning of the film that it is inspired from the novel of Writer Rajesh Kumar, many instances relating to the present day politics has been portrayed but the idea of using the minimum cast seems to be considerable. Effectively by using more CG shots (since the cast was not available) have been very well shown out, cinematography and editing with the short duration of the film has helped in making us understand the errors to be quite abrupt at some instances whereas technical aspects seemed descent inspite of many logic mistakes. Without having any duet songs or dance, the feature film seemed to be a pilot film in which the background music of Jakes Bejoy was helping for the betterment of the screenplay whereas dubbing of Bobby Simha’s made us unconnected to the character since his voice always has been a powerful force to drive us easily with the story in all his films.


However the film had the cameo role of ‘Bobby Simha’, his doop artist had performed well managing to be like him throughout the instances he had appeared. Ramya Nambeesan who played the character of a journalist seemed very inactive such that her character is actually looked like it was not powerful expect with the revealing of she being ‘Mrs. Agni Dev’ in the end. Seen her in different characters, Madhu Bala will definitely make us think if she is the one whom we have seen so cute in Maniratnam’s ‘Roja’ whereas her character was over exaggerated in almost every scene she appeared in the screen. The effort of making similar faces to act as the participants of ‘Swathi murder case’ (Aruna murder case) is appreciative, other actors like Sathish, Livingston and Bose Venkat seemed abruptly not so important without proper execution in their characterizations.

What works?

1) Attempt of taking a political based story

2) Background Music

3) Cinematography and editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Known story

2) Dodging with doop artists

3) Weak climax

On the whole, ‘Agni Devi’ is a mix and match of narrating all the major incidents which had happened in Tamilnadu but without proper execution.


‘Agni Devi’ is a battle without fire.

Ratings: 4/10

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