Producers Council has given a harsh hit back to Radha Ravi’s insulting comments on Nayanthara!

Producers Council has condemned Radha Ravi for passing abusive comments about Nayanthara in ‘Kolayuthir Kaalam’ press meet.

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Day before yesterday, there had been a press meet for Nayanthara’s upcoming thriller film, ‘Kolaiyuthir Kaalam’ directed by ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ fame Chakri Toleti and produced under the banner of ‘Pooja Entertainment’ in association with ‘YSR Films’. Starring Nayanthara and Bhumika Chawla in important roles, the press meet had the presence of the prominent member of Producers Council Durairaj along with Actor Radha Ravi, Producer Suresh Kamatchi, Directors Karu. Pazhaniappan and Praveenkanth.

At that occasion, Radha Ravi has talked about Nayanthara which had been leading to abusive double meaning context such that it had been revolving as a great controversy throughout the K – Town at present.

Continued with this, Director Vignesh Shivan, Actor Vishal, Actress Varalaxmi Sarath Kumar, Actress and Director Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and many other celebrities were passing on their strong hit back to Radha Ravi’s abusive and indecent context on one of the top actresses of Kollywood i.e., on Lady Superstar. Also, he had been removed from the Government party he had been belonging to for such incident.

Then after on behalf of Producers Council, President and Actor Nassar has passed a notice condemning his indecent behavior as, “We really feel embarrassed for knowing about the abusive double meaning context you have passed on the actress during the press meet of ‘Kolaiyuthir Kaalam’. Not only in that event, you have done the same in many stages, many public meetings and also in many film events. This has been spreading out in a wider level through social media. Don’t you realize that this has created a great insult and also depression for the entire film industry and for those who are working in the film industry?

Since you are following up for more than 50 years in film industry just like your father, we expected you to guide with valuable suggestions through the experience you have gained to the upcoming generations of the film industry. Don’t you realize this abusive act has created a bad name on you and also made audience to think bad about the film industry? However we believe that you will avoid talking such perverted comments in the upcoming days.

If that doesn’t happen, we are informing you in prior that we might have to take a severe action which might be resulting to terminating you from ‘Nadigar Sangam’ and stop supporting you in working for films.”

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