‘Airaa’ Movie Review!

‘Airaa’ is a usual haunted story in which ghost takes revenge for its death only with certain ethics!

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Direction: Sarjun KM

Production: KJR Studios

Cast: Nayanthara, Kalaiyarasan, Maathevan, Gabrella Sellus and Yogi Babu

Music: Sundaramurthy K.S.

Cinematography: Sudarshan Srinivasan

Editor: Karthik Jogesh

After ‘Viswasam’, it has been much expected for the release of Nayanthara starrer horror thriller ‘Airaa’ directed by Sarjun and bankrolled under the banners of Kotapadi J Rajesh’s ‘KJR Studios’ and ‘Trident Arts’. What is ‘Airaa’ about? Will Nayanthara make a mark through her dual role in this horror film?


Yamuna (Nayanthara) is a well educated woman who hates marriage and lives to her satisfaction and liberty with a good family. She gets pressure from her parents for getting married such that she runs away to her blind grandmother’s house in Pollachi taking herself a relaxing break. She enjoys her grandmother’s company whereas in a while she gets an idea to publish videos about existence of ghosts in YouTube. However successfully getting fame and money through the views she gets in the built up stories from the ghost videos she publishes, she finds something haunted in her grandmother’s place which leads in the death of her grandmother. Getting scared because of this, she gets instances of continuously frightening tortures of a ghost even if she is with her parents. On the other hand, Amudhan (Kalaiyarasan) finds suspicious about the continuous deaths after the death of his loved one in an accident. What is the reason behind the strange and back to back deaths and why is Yamuna tortured? What is the dark flashback of the ghost? What is the connection between the ghost and Amudhan, and between the ghost and Yamuna? There comes the vengeance of the ghost (Bhavani) to bring the ‘Airaa’ out in the climax!


Trying some terrific, horror instances with the dual looks of Nayanthara, the idea of people marking the time for a child’s birth to be unfortunate has worked out well, the characterization of ‘Bhavani’ seems the main powerful content in ‘Airaa’. Playing with the usual story line with a ghost hanging on with the vengeance, the story seems illogical at some instances such that the aspects like ghost killing the 6 people who were the reasons for her accidental death (missing to kill other people who cursed her in her native place), ethics of a ghost to make someone accept whole heartedly to be in their body (reminds of ‘Kanchana 1’ story), ugly looks of a ghost, usual city girl scenes of the character Yamuna, the pooja for talking with the ghost (the chenda melam troop and the twin black magician brothers with North Indian looks can be avoided if Yamuna would have asked the flashback of the ghost to Bhavani’s love interest, Amudhan), the title ‘Airaa’ which had no connection to the butterflies and many small cons were little laid down in the screenplay of the film. Besides them the cinematography would have been still more appreciative if the highlighting red tone is kept in a considerable level, Yogi Babu’s comedy sequences and lengthy duration of the film for the short story were descent even if it had flaws. Last but not the least; the background music seemed very neat throughout the slow moving first half and the forward approaching second half.


As usual Nayanthara as Yamuna and Bhavani has done her performance well such that Nayanthara’s ‘Yamuna’ character seemed familiar in her previous films whereas ‘Bhavani’ character was little different which can be one of the remarkable character in Lady Superstar’s career (except the crying scenes). Kalaiyarasan who seemed to be the main character to be the only person who knows the back story of Bhavani has also acted well, giving justice playing alongside with Nayanthara. However Yogi Babu’s comedy sequences seemed like it is out of content when compared to his usual comedy wits; it was like he is not utilized well in the film. As genuine parents who always remain supportive to their daughter’s wants and wishes, Jayaprakash and Meera Krishnan have played their roles well. Like the younger versions of ‘Amudhan’ and ‘Bhavani’, Maathevan and Gabrella Sellus have played their innocent roles in a neater way. How can we be without mentioning the sweet performance of Kulappulli Leela as Yamuna’s grandmother and the cute little kid Ashwanth Ashokkumar (Babloo) as another small ghost? They seemed very cute as per they were required to perform their characters.

What works?

1) Characterization of Bhavani

2) Background music and cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow first half

2) Usual horror story with logic mistakes]

3) Suddenly vanishing and not utilizing Yogi Babu’s character

On the whole, ‘Airaa’ is all about butterflies and not about literal meaning as ‘female elephant’ which seems like an indirect meaning of a stronger ghost version of an innocent village girl.


‘Airaa’ is a usual haunted story in which ghost takes revenge for its death only with certain ethics!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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