‘Uriyadi 2’ Movie Review!

‘Uriyadi 2’ is a bitter medicine which is much needed for the health and hygiene of public!

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Direction: Vijay Kumar

Production: 2D Entertainment

Cast: Vijay Kumar, Vismaya, Sudhakar, Shankar Thas & Abbas

Music: Govind Vasantha

Cinematography: Praveen Kumar N.

Editor: Linu M.

Familiarized through ‘Uriyadi’, Director and actor Vijay Kumar has been coming up with its second part such that this time, it is very special with great attention since the film is bankrolled under the banner of Suriya’s ‘2D Entertainment’. Will the same attention be maintained after the release as well?


Not having proper legal approvals and by crossing all the usual limits of using and manufacturing, Vijay Kumar joins a chemical factory. Unexpectedly one of the friends of Vijay Kumar passes away while working such that Vijay Kumar finds that the emission from the chemical factory is the reason for the death. Before trying to solve the emissions from the factory, Vijay Kumar comes across a great impact. What kind of the impact it causes? What will the hero do after that massive incident is the story of ‘Uriyadi 2’!


It is not an easy thing to forget Bhopal Gas Tragedy because of which people in South India has also been into many protests against the gas emissions and drainage from the chemical factories then and there. However we would have come across many films regarding the same subject, ‘Uriyadi 2’ seems to have proved the fact very strongly with sensible dialogues and screenplay. Having a very important content in the film, the long documentation in executing about the causes and effects will be tiring for audience in certain portions. Helping the serious subject in portrayal on screens, Govind Vasantha’s music has been a supportive aspect such that the slowing off lag which will make us fail to pay attention to the content because of the violin music can’t also be denied.


Showing in front of your eyes very realistically Vijay Kumar has done the role of ‘Lenin Vijay’ giving great connectivity to audience with the ease in body language and dialogue delivery. His frustration and the action in the final climax portions will never fail to grab the attention of audience. Just having a look of girl next door with absolutely beauty, Vismaya has performed well as required even though there had been not so much scope in the role. Also for the character that ‘Paridhabangal’ Sudhakar has taken is very much impressive. Not only in comedy, but also the importance which his character has carried out is a great thing among all the characterizations of the film. Apart from that, the actors who played the factory owner role and the leader character of the specific dominating political party have grabbed some attentions in the film.

What works?

1) Taking over the much needed content which the public has to compulsorily know

2) Dialogues

3) Vijay Kumar’s involvement as actor

What doesn’t work?

1) Screenplay which seems similar like documentary

2) Some unwanted sequences in the first half

On the whole, ‘Uriyadi 2’ would been with of great sugar than with salt if the cooking up of screenplay in executing the content had less of romance and comedy in the first half. Besides that it has to be actually welcomed and appreciated since the content has great weight which will be more beneficial to public.

Verdict: ‘Uriyadi 2’ is a bitter medicine which is much needed for the health and hygiene of public!

Ratings: 5/10

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