‘Watchman’ Movie Review!

‘Watchman’ is one and only for ‘Bruno’!

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Direction: A L Vijay

Production: Double Meaning Productions

Cast: G V Prakash Kumar, Yogi Babu, Samyuktha Hegde and Suman

Music: G V Prakash Kumar

Cinematography: Nirav Shah

Editor: Anthony

After ‘Kuppathu Raja’, the following week has the release of ‘Watchman’ which is directed by his buddy director A L Vijay for whom he had composed music for almost 9 of his movies earlier. However there had been a buzz that a dog plays an important role, what will be the story of ‘Watchman’ actually?


G V Prakash gets caught with a great crisis with finance because of which a rogue (Stunt Silva) threatens him to return the money in a day. Also, he faces difficulty to satisfy his love interest’s (Samyuktha Hegde) parents such that the next day when he has to return the money is the same day of his engagement. However because of his terrible situation, he goes to rob some money in a bungalow of a retired DIG (Suman) where he is caught to a dog (Bruno) which directs him indirectly inside the house to save his master who is trapped with a gang of terrorists. What happens next? How will G V Prakash settle his debts overcoming the trap for Suman? What will Bruno do to help his master is the story of ‘Watchman’!


So far in Kollywood, in the list of movies which have a very run time, ‘Watchman’ will definitely mark one of them. However the runtime of ‘Watchman’ is 45 minutes in the first half and the second half is with the duration of 50 minutes which is totally 1 hour and 35 minutes, the 20 minutes in the first half seems much lagged out without revealing what is the story about such that the interval block is held with an interesting twist. Running with the slight thrill in the second half, the story seems very predictable with the only consolation as ‘Bruno’ dog. Besides that, cinematography and editing seemed descent whereas the background music at some instances seemed very unwanted.


With the very less characters, G V Prakash Kumar had the equal strong character to Suman, it is uncertain how much this movie will help him in his acting career. ‘Bruno’ owes all the applauses importantly in the film. However Samyuktha Hedge seems to appear in a short instance in the first half and also in the climax, she has been the ‘heroine’ material. Even two comedians, Yogi Babu and Munishkanth remained in the film; there had been a great struggle for inducing wits in this thriller. Trying to be terror, Raj Arjun seemed to be pitiful with his looks without having an apt look of a terrorist.

What works?


What doesn’t work?

Weak aspects in the main instances of the film

On the whole, ‘Watchman’ runs without any thrill with the short runtime in spite of the interesting storyline which will definitely make us feel like it will be better if it is developed well.


‘Watchman’ is one and only for ‘Bruno’!

Ratings: 3/10

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