‘Gangs of Madras’ Movie Review!

‘Gangs of Madras’ is all about the vengeance on the ruthless society which looks female as a drug (pleasure) material!

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Direction: C V Kumar
Production: Thirukumaran Entertainment
Cast: Priyanka Ruth, V. Prabhakar, Daniel Balaji, Bagavathi Perumal & Aadukalam Naren
Music: Hari Dafusia & Shyamalangan
Cinematography: Karthik Kumar
Editor: Radhakrishnan Dhanapal

Almost after 2 years of ‘Maayavan’, C V Kumar has once again dropped his toes into direction such that ‘Gangs of Madras’ have been a sensation because of the speculations of having a genre as a female character oriented film and also with ‘A’ censor certifications. What will this ‘Gangs of Madras’ tell about?


Priyanka Ruth converts her religion to Islam and marries her love interest Ashok Kumar in spite of her parents’ denial such that they continue to live with a happily ever after life. Working a don gang (V. Prabhakar), Ashok Kumar is killed in a police encounter even though he is innocent. In order to kill all the people those who were behind her husband’s death, she turns to be violent to fulfil her vengeance with the aid of the training she gets on request from Mumbai based don (Daniel Balaji) who is long awaited to peep into Madras to conquer the drug and smuggling business and to be the number one don. What is the reason for her husband’s death? Will she kill those who were the reason for her husband’s death? Will they kill her if they find her with revenges? The blood shedding climax reveals the story of ‘Gangs of Madras’!


Trying to show so much of blood shedding moments, C V Kumaran has greatly attempted in the film such that the long run time seems to be over exaggerated while we sit and wait for knowing the climax. With the dons who have a drug smuggling empire (having so much interest on alcohol, smoking and also on sex) with a great control on politicians and also with Police, it is quite unbelievable a single, normal woman taking revenge on the great dons all of a sudden. May be if these aspects were trimmed off ‘Gangs of Madras’ would be an absolute female oriented story. Having so much fast moving background scoring of Hari Dafusia & Shyamalangan, Cinematography of Karthik Kumar which had been captured mostly in the night with blood shedding riots has been so impressive in the film whereas if Editor Radhakrishnan Dhanapal would have concentrated on trimming off some slow scenes it would have been fulfilled for watching this dark gangsters’ story.


Firstly the performance of the female lead, Priyanka Ruth has been tremendously awesome with so expressive emotions and vengeance which were quite impressive. Her dialogue delivery and body language had only helped in sitting in the seats for the long movie. However Ashok Kumar appeared in a very short instance in the film, he had also acted well making up as a good pair to Priyanka Ruth. As a strong don, Director V. Prabhakar and the actors those who acted as his two sons have also done their roles well. However Daniel Balaji seems to appear prominently in the second half in the character of ‘Boxy’, his role seemed without much power in the entire film but it was like a consolation when compared to the character called ‘Lal’ who seemed to be the main business dealing don person. Showing his face few minutes before the climax Aadukalam Naren seemed to play the character of a very calm policeman who handles pressure from his superiors and also from politicians which was very apt for him.

What works?

1) Detailing in drug smuggling aspects

2) Priyanka Ruth

3) Background scoring and cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow moving screenplay

2) So much insertions of alcohol, smoking and sex scenes

3) Editing

On the whole, just to show the ruthless gangsters how awful the thought of acquiring the pleasures from a female physically, ‘Gangs of Madras’ have been held so strong with the expressive performance of Priyanka Ruth throughout the film.


‘Gangs of Madras’ is all about the vengeance on the ruthless society which looks female as a drug (pleasure) material!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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