‘Panchalankurichi’ pair joins once again after 23 years in ‘College Kumar’!

Almost after 23 years of ‘Panchalankurichi’, Actor Prabhu and Actress Madhubala are acting as a pair in the upcoming film, ‘College Kumar’.

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Directed by Seeman, Prabhu and Madhubala were pairing up in the film ‘Panchalankurichi’ which was released in the year of 1996. Almost after 23 years, both the well known faces are joining to act as husband and wife in an upcoming movie which is titled as ‘College Kumar’. Playing the roles of parents for actor Rahul Vijay who is playing the lead role, they seem to prominently bring back the romance such that the film is directed by Hari Santhosh who had directed 6 movies in Kannada and also won a National Award. ‘College Kumar’ also involves Nassar, Manobala and many others for the supportive roles whereas the students who had learnt music from ‘KM music school’ of A R Rahman are composing music. Starting off with an inaugural pooja of this brand new film today, the team is stated to start rolling up for the film very soon. When Prabhu talked about working on ‘College Kumar’, he said, “I have been introduced through the film ‘Sangili’. Since then I have been acting in films for almost 37 years. ‘College Kumar’ is my 225th movie. And I am so happy to share screen once again with Madhubala almost after 23 years.”

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