‘Mehandi Circus’ Movie Review!

‘Mehandi Circus’ is an enjoyable and latest version of a usual love story!

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Direction : Raju Saravananan
Production : Studio Green
Cast : Madhampatty Rangaraj , Shweta Tripathi, RJ Vigneshkanth, Kabir Duhan Singh,
Vela Ramamoorthy, Ravi Mariya

Music : Sean Roldan
Cinematography Selvakumar SK
Editor : Philomin Raj
Penned with the dialogues of 'Joker' fame Raju Murugan, here comes a welcoming with the romance story of 'Mehandi Circus' from today . Will this be a successful entry to the debut director Raju Saravanan?


Mehandi (Shwetha Tripathi) grows up listening to her granny’s prince and princess romance story whereas she is forced to be the scapegoat in the circus stunts her family follows as a tradition. Jeeva (Rangaraj) is a youngster who sells music tapes and helps the customers for every romance mood in the village near Kodaikanal such that his dad hates and ill-treats the lower-class community people. Falling in love at first sight, Jeeva watches the plays happening in circus because of which he understands how Mehandi lives and spends her life in circus with absolute life-threatening danger for the sake of her dad. In spite of guys roam like humming birds around her to impress in the places she roams around, Mehandi gets impressed only on Jeeva because of him caring her on being a scapegoat in circus. Further approaching Mehandi’s dad to marry her, Jeeva gets a challenge from her dad such that if he throws the dangerous circus stunt with Mehandi without hitting her, he can marry. How will the lover boy get heart to throw knives and take risk on his lover girl? Understanding the objection in both of their families, they elope with the help of a Church Pasteur. Somehow their parents get to know about this and separate them. What happens next? How will Jeeva be without Mehandi after this? Will they both join? What will happen to Mehandi? Will ‘Mehandi Circus’ and sharp knives be the end of the film? The hearts of two loving souls answer the rest in the climax of ‘Mehandi Circus’!


Creating great nostalgia of 1990s (prominently 1992) with circus stunts, Ilaiyaraaja songs, popular Bollywood songs and many other things, the dialogues of along with the debut direction of his elder brother Raju Saravanan is an absolute treat for all time movie buffs of romance genre. Not having any new story or insertions in this casual ‘Romeo-Juliet’ version of romance, the main aspect which moved the slow and romantic drama to give an impact in our hearts is Sean Roldan’s music and background score mellowing with the glimpse of Ilaiyaraaja’s songs. Supporting the warm screenplay with dialogues of Raju Murugan, the Art Direction of Sathish Kumar, Cinematography of Selvakumar by capturing the beautiful visuals of Kodaikanal, Mumbai and also the village in Rajasthan along with the beautiful cuts edited by Philomin Raj has been the positive aspects whereas the usual story with no extra fittings of romance seems little slow feel in the screenplay.


Seems not familiarity with the screen appearance, Madhampatty Rangaraj had absolutely put his efforts as a debutant to be a lover boy in the character of ‘Jeeva’ such that the emotional portions with his reactions remained little weak. With her round face, pretty eyes with north Indian face she has lived as ‘Mehandi’ with the expressive reactions in the film which is the beautiful thing throughout. In the role of a stubborn dad Sunny Charles, with a negative character Ankur Vikas, as a Church Pasteur and as a well-wisher for the loving couples Vela Ramamoorthy (who has amazingly shown a contrast compared to the characters he had played in his previous films), RJ Vignesh as Rangaraj’s best friend (who had tried good jokes finally), as a stanch believer on his caste and as a harsh dad Marimuthu and last but not the least, Pooja who has acted as Mehandi’s daughter Nisha have done their roles well.

What works?

1) Shwetha Tripathi, Sunny Charles & Ankur Vikas

2) Dialogues and direction

3) Music, cinematography, editing and art direction

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual love story

2) Slowly moving story

On the whole, ‘Mehandi Circus’ is a safe play with romance which will definitely remind us ‘Romeo-Juliet’ version of love.

Verdict: ‘Mehandi Circus’ is an enjoyable and latest version of a usual love story!

Ratings: 5.5/10

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