“Whomsoever the female is, we need to respect her” – Director Muthaiah says about ‘Devarattam’!

Gautham Karthik and Manjima Mohan starrer ‘Devarattam’ is about the strong sister and brother bond.

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Directed by Muthaiah who has previously directed movies like ‘Kutti Puli’, ‘Komban’, ‘Marudhu’ and ‘Kodiveeran’, Muthaiah has involved Gautham Karthick and Manjima Mohan for lead roles in ‘Devarattam’ with the bankrolling of K E Gnanavelraja’s ‘Studio Green’. The music and background score composed by Nivas K Prasanna, the cinematography has been handled by Sakthi Saravanan. Hitting the screens on May 1st, the team had a brief meeting with press reporters today in Chennai.

When the director of the film, Muthaiah talked about ‘Devarattam’, he has stated that “So many of them have been asking me whether ‘Devarattam’ is about caste issues. ‘Devarattam’ is an art form and anybody irrespective of their caste can play the art. The title seemed to be apt for the film and that’s the reason we have given such title. Besides that this film will not have anything regarding caste issues. This film will tell about the beautiful bond and affection between a brother and sisters. There are 6 sisters for Gautham Karthik in this film. ‘Devarattam’ is about the practically happening story in any family.”

Speaking about the film, he has added that, “I usually have family related content in my movies and this film has the strong bonding between brother and sisters. We have been seeing that girls here won’t be moving close physically with their siblings especially with their brothers after a point of time as they grow up. But we see so many strange people touch female without their permission. I believe that the rapes and abuse which happens against female in the society is actually because of the relations. Whomsoever the female is, we need to respect her and having such message I have framed a strong and highlighting dialogue which will be with lots of emotions and sentiments in the film.”

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