Election in Nadigar Sangam is expected to happen soon!

The election of Nadigar Sangam for having the new set of administrative committee members is yet to happen.

News 29-Apr-2019 5:44 PM IST Top 10 Comments

Day before yesterday, there had been a meeting among the members of (South Indian Artistes' Association) Nadigar Sangam’s Executive Committee. Almost nearing to the end of administrator’s period which is headed by actor Nassar, the committee has planned to have the election soon in the meeting.

Regarding this Nadigar Sangam has passed a notice stating that, “The period of administrators of ‘Nadigar Sangam’ (2015-2018) is getting over on April 30th 2019. Due to this, we have planned to conduct an election to select the new set of members for the administration. Further the administrators’ committee is authorized to announce the official date and location of the election happening in the presence of election committee members with the remaining details about the election through General Secretary with whole heart.”

Added to this, the committee had the presence of Vice President Ponvannan, the members Rajesh, Sreeman, Ramana, Udhaya, ‘Thalapathy’ Dinesh, Kutty Padmini, T P Gajendiran, Manobala, Ajay Rathinam and Lalith Kumari

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