‘Devarattam’ Movie Review!

‘Devarattam’ is all about a play in blood and vengeance with absolute violence.

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Direction: M. Muthaiah
Production: Studio Green and Abi & Abi Pictures
Cast: Gautham Karthik, Soori & Manjima Mohan
Music: Nivas K. Prasanna
Cinematography: Sakthi Saravanan
Editor: Praveen KL

Stated to the family drama, ‘Devarattam’ which is directed by M. Muthaiah and produced under the banner of K E Gnanavelraja’s ‘Studio Green’, stars Gautham Karthik, Manjima Mohan, Soori and many others in the prominent roles is much expected on screens because of the interesting trailer which prominently have the backdrops of the temple town Madurai. What is actually ‘Devarattam’ about?


Vetri (Gautham Karthik) is an energetic person who gets heated up with great hyper for every sexual abuse happening in the well-lit temple town of Madurai. He is pampered with his 6 sisters and 6 brothers in law such that he is brought up with the absolute affection of his family after his parents’ death. Looking at his reflex action and hit back for the atrocities happening against female, his family gets frightened if they will lose their brother and also his advocate career. On the other hand, ‘Kodumpaavi’ Ganesan (FEFSI Vijayan) seems to be a terrific rogue and has set the empire with great power on money and Government. In an instance, knowing the involvement of Ganesan’s son Deivam in a rape of a girl, Vetri kills Deivam in absence of Ganesan with dreadful anger. What happens next? What will Ganesan do to Vetri and his family for his son’s death? Blood shedding climax reveals about the play of ‘Devarattam’.


Having a theme, that ‘every woman (even if she doesn’t belong to your own family) has to be secured from the abuse done by the society and especially by men’, the screenplay travels with lots of sentiment and action by utilizing the beautiful visuals of Madurai. Bringing out the nativity which he had used in his previous movies ‘Kutti Puli’, ‘Komban’, ‘Marudhu’ and ‘Kodiveeran, the screenplay of Director M. Muthaiah has a linear story in this film. However the energy with the usual story like a hero killing villain’s son and villain getting his blood threatening vengeance against hero has been maintained well, the same level of blood shedding and thrilling action choreographed by Dilip Subbarayan has been effectively used to make little more appealing on screens. Added to this, Muthaiah has tried his best to break down the general stereotype of ‘lover boy’ attitude of Gautham to a village guy look and proved us that he is a performer through this film whereas Nivas K Prasanna’s music, Soori’s comedy, straight story without beating the bush with thrilling stunts and Praveen K L’s editing are the main advantages for the safe play in ‘Devarattam’.


Besides all the films Gautham has acted so far, this film will definitely mark to be an important film in his career because of the terrific transformation in attitude and performance. Having one romantic song in the film, Manjima seems to have a very less scope in performing but had tried her least attempt in replicating the looks of ‘Madurai Ponnu’ in this film. Playing the role of a first sister who seems to bring up Gautham just like his late mother with much affection and care, Vinodhini has acted well whereas playing the role of her husband, Bose Venkat has also performed well. Appearing for a very short duration, Vela Ramamoorthy has as usual acted well as it is required for the role. Apart from them the other actors who played the roles of sisters and brothers in law had supported well to the remaining main characters in the connectivity of emotions. Last but not the least; playing the negative role, FEFSI Vijayan has been the apt fit for the terrifying role of ‘Kodumpaavi’ Ganesan which is obviously a good flick.

What works?

1) Gautham Karthik

2) Dialogues and stunt sequences

3) Music and editing

What doesn’t works?

1) Usual story

2) More stunt scenes and blood shedding action

3) Predictable story

On the whole, the film ‘Devarattam’ seems to deviate from the actual meaning of title which is actually a unique art form but can be welcomed for the village nativity and theme on women sexual abuse.

Verdict: ‘Devarattam’ is all about a play in blood and vengeance with absolute violence.

Ratings: 4.5/10

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