‘K – 13’ Movie Review

‘K – 13’ is an absolute show for thriller movie lovers!

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Direction : Barath Neelakantan
Production : SP Cinemas
Cast : Arulnithi, Shraddha Srinath & Gayathrie
Music : Sam CS
Cinematography: Aravinnd Singh
Editor : Ruben

Maintaining the trend of thriller season, Arulnithi has been acting in critically acclaimed thrillers starting from ‘Aarathu Sinam’ and is continued in ‘Iravukku Aayiram Kangal’ which is much also expected in the latest release of the debut directorial of Barath Neelakantan’s ‘K – 13’. What is this psychological thriller about?


Wanting for a storyline to direct his debut film successfully, Arulnithi faces frustration as an aspiring film maker such that to relax and in the hope to get a good storyline he hangs out with his friends where he gets to meet Shraddha Srinath for the first time who is also a writer. Further conversing closely, both of them decide to go in private because of which Shraddha takes Arulnithi in a completely drunk state to her residence. When he wakes up in the next morning, he finds himself to be tied up with cello tape and Shraddha to be dead with a cut in her hand. What had actually happened on the previous night? Is Shraddha murdered? Or is it a suicide? What is the background of Shraddha? Will Arulnithi escape from her house and direct his first film? The ‘storyline which is based on real life incident’ reveals the mystery in the climax of ‘K – 13’!


With the locations of a Pub and prominently inside an apartment, Barath Neelankantan has finished off narrating a thriller in a very limited spots which is actually appreciated in the very first attempt. However roaming around inside an apartment constantly for almost 1 hour and 40 minutes except the first 20 minutes, the film seemed little slow in spite of the short run time. However it has been balanced with the descent cinematography and good background scoring, ‘K – 13’ has been a good try but also would have been a ‘best thriller’ if still more suspense in the screenplay is maintained.


Again and again proving to perform well especially in thrillers, Arulnithi seems to be improvising in his performance in every film and it will be nice if he does more variations in character he choose to act further. Been almost the ‘set property’ in the 80% of the film, Shraddha has done her best in the sequences it is required. Besides them, Gayathrie, Yogi Babu and Adhik Ravichandran have performed their roles well.

What works?

1) Arulnithi & Shraddha Srinath

2) Background score & Cinematography

3) Climax

What doesn’t works?

1) Roaming around in a single place

2) Slow moving screenplay within a short runtime

On the whole, ‘K – 13’ is a good attempt as a debutant’s try of Barath Neelakantan whereas it might be varying with the likes and dislikes of thriller lovers and movie buffs if it is compared to other Hollywood films.

Verdict: ‘K – 13’ is an absolute show for thriller movie lovers!

Ratings: 5/10

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