If ghost really exists, police station is not required! - K. Bhagyaraj

The audio and trailer launch of ‘Aghori’ directed by the debutant S Rajkumar had happened in Chennai yesterday.

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Bankrolled under the banners of R P Bala’s ‘R P Films’ and Suresh K Menon’s ‘Motion Film Pictures’, ‘Aghori’ is directed by the debutant T S Rajkumar which involves ‘Mime’ Gopi, Sayaji Shinde, Siddhu, Vetri, Karthik and Sharath in prominent roles. With the audio and trailer launch yesterday, Director K Bhagyaraj has launched the audio songs such that actress Kasthuri had received the album from him in the event.

When one of the producers of the film, R P Bala has spoken about ‘Aghori’, he has stated that, “’Aghori’ is a dream film for me. We have been planning to start this film since 2012 but due to certain reasons we were not able to start. We should have finished the film by last year. This delay is due to the graphics which is made in the film.

After ‘Bharathi’, Sayaji Shinde is acting in the title character as ‘Aghori’ in this film. Starting off with a small budget, the film has turned to have a budget which was quite lump sum. This film will be releasing very soon and everyone will definitely like it.”

When K. Bhagyaraj who had been presenting the event as a Chief Guest had given a speech, he had stated, “The title ‘Aghori’ is a great plus. If we start talking about a topic, we used to continuously enjoy and get engaged with the same topic for a very long. In the same way, horror stories are like that. I used to think in this way sometimes. If ghost really exists, there is no need of any police station in this country. And if a person is murdered, the same person’s soul will come and take revenge by killing the murderer. But every time police is only running behind the murderers. Due to that, the inexistence of ghost is proved. But the concept of ghost is useful for many people.

I think now ‘Aghori’ is just like ghost. I have been always thinking in a negative way if I listen to the word ‘Aghori’. But I feel like this film is showcasing ‘Aghori’ in a positive shade. So audience will definitely watch and make it as a success. I wish the entire team for the success of this film.”

Besides K. Bhagyaraj, the Chief guests Kasthuri, Producer P D Selvakumar and ‘Mime’ Gopi had taken part in this launch delightfully and wished the team.

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