‘100’ Movie Review!

‘100’ is a solution for the emergencies faced by public but impractical!

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Direction: Sam Anton

Production: Auraa Cinemas

Cast: Atharvaa, Hansika Motwani & Yogi Babu

Music: Sam C S

Cinematography: Krishnan Vasant

Editor: Ruben

After directing G V Prakash in ‘Darling’ and ‘Enakku Innoru Per Irukku’, Sam Anton has involved Atharvaa in the action film ‘100’ which has been much awaited to release after ‘Boomerang’. Let the review of ‘100’ give you an idea whether it will be a 100% satisfaction for the audience this week!


As an energetic youngster Atharvaa has a great ambition to become a police officer such that he finally gets the job in Police Department to handle calls on ‘100’ at control room. However he wanted to work in the crime branch, he has been forced to work in the control room whereas he gets as his 100th call which involves the strange drug smuggling and women trafficking issue. How he solves the case? Who will be the face behind the crimes? How will he rescue the women who had stuck in the case is the climax of ‘100’!


Trying out comedy formula in the films he had directed previously, Sam Anton has tried a serious action thriller through ‘100’ for the first time but with no new ideas in the screenplay except about the idea of the cop who attains the call on ‘100’ in the control room. Mixing off with the chasing action sequences, 2 to 3 romance portions with one romance song and Yogi Babu’s spontaneous wits, the film had a commercial treatment in the screenplay which seemed very usual elements with descent cinematography and editing. Last but not the least the background music seemed ok for the screenplay compared to all other mentioned elements.


Been taking up the serious cop character with great energy, Atharvaa as usual has done a good job in the character he has owed whereas Hansika Motwani seemed to have less scope in performing except for a song and 2 to 3 scenes in the entire film. Apart from that, ‘Aadukalam’ Naren, Radharavi, Yogi Babu ‘Mime’ Gopi and late veteran actor Cheenu Mohan has performed their roles well by understanding their characters.

What works?

1) Concept about the Police Control Room

2) Atharvaa, Yogi Babu

3) Background score and cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Not so impactful screenplay

2) Logic mistakes

3) Unwanted characters

On the whole, with the idea about how Police acts for the complaints which comes on call in ‘100’ (control room), ‘100’ is a watchable film if you miss out the logic mistakes.

Verdict: ‘100’ is a solution for the emergencies faced by public but impractical!

Ratings: 4/10

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