‘Cochin Shadhi at Chennai 03’ is with a good content! – R K Suresh

R K Suresh is playing the lead role in the upcoming bilingual film ‘Cochin Shadhi at Chennai 03’!

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Bankrolled by the banner of Abdhul Lathif Vadukkoot’s ‘Arya Aadhi International Movies’, ‘Cochin Shadhi at Chennai 03’ is a bilingual (Tamil/Malayalam) upcoming film involving R K Suresh in the lead role, Arshitha Sridhar, Neha Saxena, Sharmila, Rathna Velu and many others in prominent roles. Directed by Manjith Divakar, the music for this film is composed by Sunny Viswanath. Launching the trailer yesterday, the team had a brief discussion about the film to the press reporters.

When Director Manjith Divakar had given the speech, he had stated that, “This is my second film. I have created the script through the true incidents which had happened in the year 1993 in the location of Ambattur, Chennai. There is a situation in society which hardly has security to women at present. The film will have the content about what should we do to prevent such situations, what women have to do to protect themselves from such situations and all that.

So many of them asked me about the title of the film which is so different! The story of the film is actually about how the heroine travels from Cochin to Chennai for her personal reasons and what will be the consequences she faces during the travel! That’s why I have given such title to this film. The core idea of the film is to give respect to women.”

When R K Suresh has talked about his experience in ‘Cochin Shadhi at Chennai 03’, he had stated that, “I liked the film once I listened to the story. This is the debut film for me in Malayalam. The story of the film was written long back. This will also have similar incidents which will match to the latest tragedy which had happened in Pollachi. I have actually agreed for acting in ‘Cochin Shadhi at Chennai 03’ especially in Malayalam. After finishing the film and once we start dubbing only I realized that this film has 70% of Tamil and 30% Malayalam in it. Everyone will be relating themselves to the story of this film. The story had been scripted in the thought that society should be with good concern and welfare. That is why I wanted to pass on this film to Tamil audience as well. Accepting this wish of mine, the team had worked on the film to release in Tamil as well. I would like to thank them whole heartedly for this. The reason is the film has a great content about how every woman should protect themselves from such dangerous situations.”

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