‘Devi 2’ Movie Review!

‘Devi 2’ is a wife’s struggle to get rid of two ghosts which is haunting her husband!

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Direction: A. L. Vijay
Production: GV Films & Trident Arts
Cast: Prabhu Deva, Tamannaah, Kovai Sarala, Nandita Swetha, Dimple Hayathi & RJ Balaji
Music: Sam C. S.
Cinematography: Ayananka Bose
Editor: Anthony

Playing a game with ‘Ruby’ in the first part, ‘Devi 2’ is much expected on screens this week almost with the same cast. Followed by this, let the review give an idea about this horror-comedy film!


Devi lives happily with Krishna in Mauritius such that as a twist in the fairy tale she gets to have doubt on Krishna if he is cheating on her. However with lots of analyzing, Devi finds her husband getting trapped with the souls of Ranga Reddy and Alex who had passed away before joining with their love interests (Eesha & Sarah). Anyway both of them wanted to get their wishes fulfilled by making both of their girlfriends to tell ‘I Love You’ to them, they promise to Devi to leave Krishna once everything is satisfied with an agreement. Having a great difficulty in maintaining the hidden truth to her husband, Devi also struggles with 2 ghosts in order to save her husband. How she saves her husband? Will Eesha and Sarah tell ‘I Love You’ to Ranga Reddy & Alex respectively? What is ‘Devi 2’ all about? Is this ‘Devi 2’ or ‘Devi + 2’ will be revealed in the climax of this comedy film!


Making the continuation to the first part, A L Vijay has tried to give an extra update to the horror-comedy story with the inclusion of 2 ghosts in Prabhu Deva rather than in Tamannaah like it was in the first. However the film had more of glamor, make up and more dance, the comedy portions also seemed to have the draw back with lots of confusion in the second half approaching to the climax. At some point audience may even get confused with the continuous running if it is an A L Vijay’s film or Sundar C’s film. Added with two ghosts, may be because of adding two more actresses (Nandita & Dimple Hayathi which is for more glamor) the insertion with Kovai Sarala looked more artificial by reminding us of her wits in Raghava Lawrence’s ‘Kanchana’. Apart from all those add ons, the film seemed like a bearable entertainer only because of heroines and also with the descent technical aspects like cinematography, music and editing.


Asusual Prabhu Deva made his dance and mannerism in the portions of ‘Alex’ & ‘Ranga Reddy’ to talk in screens than the shrink his face had in ‘Devi 2’. Attracting people with the glamorous dance, Tamannaah has tried acting with the expressions whereas her performance seemed little laid down than compared to the first part. Tweeking out glamorous portions, Nandita and Dimple Hayathi had no scope for performing though they were utilized a little for dance. However Kovai Sarala made over exaggerated acting, it was just similar to her roles she has owed in her other films. As sudden glimpses of the first part, Sonu Sood and R J Balaji also appeared in ‘Devi 2’ as delighting faces.

What works?

1) Romance portions of Prabhu Deva & Tamannaah

2) Music & Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Story

2) Usual story

3) Not so interesting comedy portions

On the whole, it’s a slight slip in the series of family entertainers which usually is directed by A L Vijay. ‘Devi 2’ is not that interesting when compared to the first part creating a doubt about filling up audience’s expectations.


‘Devi 2’ is a wife’s struggle to get rid of two ghosts which is haunting her husband!


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