Game Over Movie Review

‘Game Over’ is all about finishing all the levels in the life game with a great fight back!

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Direction: Ashwin Saravanan
Production: Y NOT Studios & Reliance Entertainment
Cast: Taapsee Pannu, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan, Anish Kuruvilla, Sanchana Natarajan & VJ Ramya
Music: Ron Ethan Yohann
Cinematography: A. Vasanth
Editor: Richard Kevin

Previously directing ‘Maya’, Director Ashwin Saravanan has been directing a supernatural thriller film, let us see how this 'Game Over' will work in screens with the audience in a brief look.


Swapna (Taapsee Pannu) has a serious problem with darkness due to the dark incident she had faced during a New Year night. Having great interest in playing games and also being a game developer with a work from home routine, Swapna gets sudden pain from the tattoo which she had tattooed before a year. However she freaks out with darkness once on and off, there is also news buzzing as headlines about the murders of girls happening in the outskirts of the city with great mystery about the murderer. On the other hand, Swapna faces terrible to live with the guilt because of the New Year incident which has made her stay with fear of darkness and also scared about the following New Year. In such instance she attempts suicide such that she is saved from death with broken legs and minor injuries. While she copes up all the fears slowly, she comes to know that her tattoo is inked along with the mix of ashes of a dead person. What happens next? How she over comes her fears? Will she remove the tattoo? What is the flashback of the ashes which is mixed with the ink in her tattoo? Swapna’s chances in overcoming the 3 levels in her life game will be the result in the climax of ‘Game Over’!


Connecting with the character of Taapsee with the interest she had on video games and her tattoo, Director Ashwin Saravanan has moved a level up from the screenplay of his previous supernatural thriller ‘Maya’ experimenting the mental intensity to understand the pulse of audience in depth in ‘Game Over’. Along with the thrilling screenplay, the cinematography of A. Vasanth, editing of Richard Kevin and the background scoring of Ron Ethan Yohann have been like varies seasoning for the elements of the film. Added to this, the set designing like Taapsee’s house, clinic etc and also the prosthetic make up has been shown well on screens which deserve a great appreciation. Conveying the message that ‘rather than regretting for the past situations which will give us bitter experiences by affecting the present, it is better to react back for the cause’ even though some moments were resembling ‘Psycho’, ‘Hush’ and ‘Curse of Chucky’, the screenplay and the dialogues are very much interesting and neat with more sense.


Taapsee Pannu being a realistic performer, her character has been genuinely revealed out connecting to anyone who wanted to let out the feelings of undergoing a mental trauma. She has just engulfed the role of ‘Swapna’ inside herself and has given the positive outcome of executing the main content of ‘Game Over’. As a well wisher and care taker, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan has performed well as ‘Kamala amma’ supporting Taapsee’s role throughout the film. Coming for few minutes, as a psychiatrist Anish Kuruvilla has also done his role well. As a fighter against cancer and as a tattoo artist, ‘NOTA’ fame Sanchana Natrajan and VJ Ramya has performed their roles well respectively. Last but not the least the three psycho killers who were completely tilting everyone’s attention on them with fears for death in screens have performed well with good body languages even though they were in fully covered getups.

What works?

1) Screenplay and Direction

2) Taapsee Pannu

3) Background score, cinematography and editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Some instances reminding ‘Curse of Chucky’ (while Taapsee in wheel chair)

2) Confusions with 3 killers in the second half

On the whole, experimenting a different genre in ‘Game Over’, Director Ashwin has given a treat with thrilling moments for the thriller lovers with a practical content.

Verdict: ‘Game Over’ is all about finishing all the levels in the life game with a great fight back!

Ratings: 6/10

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