‘Sindhubaadh’ Movie Review!

‘Sindhubaadh’ is a happy ending rescue story with more traveling and running!

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Direction: S. U. Arun Kumar
Production: Vansan Movies & K Productions
Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Anjali & Surya
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Vijay Karthik Kannan
Editor: Ruben

After ‘Pannaiyarum Padminiyum’ and ‘Sethupathi’, Vijay Sethupathi has joined hands with Director S. U. Arun Kumar for the third time in ‘Sindhubaadh’ such that the film has been much expected for the release for a very long time. Will this film be a great success satisfying Makkal Selvan’s fans?


Thiru (Vijay Sethupathi) and his partner Super (Vijay Sethupathi’s son Surya) will be two petty time robbers such that they come across Venba who talk so loud casually. However, Thiru thinks Venba to be the best option for him to get married since he has a problem in hearing; somehow they both fall in love and get married. On the other hand, after becoming a wife, Venba leaves her husband and goes for work to Malaysia for clearing the debts by promising her husband that she will come back in 2 days. All of a sudden Thiru gets a call from Venba with news that she is caught by someone and she will be sent to some other strange place in another 2 days if her husband doesn’t come with lump sum money. What happens next? How Thiru will go and rescue his husband? What are the struggles he will be facing? Will Venba be sent to some other place if Thiru doesn’t rescue? Will Thiru rescue his wife and have a happy ending in ‘Sindhubaadh’ completes the climax!


Starting off with two fun-loving robbers enjoying their lives happily by stealing for their living, Director S. U. Arun Kumar had given a smooth first half with a soothing love track whereas towards the interval he had made it slow down with travel, stunts and mass moments. However the efforts on the dialogues have been well executed at some instances with a beautiful first half, the duration before the interval seemed so long because of song insertions. Although the second half had so much of running, killing and fighting, the travel and the time till the accomplishment of the rescue seemed little exhausted towards the end. Besides all that Vijay Sethupathi, his son Surya and Anjali has been appearing throughout the film making the priority in the story as lead characters, these characters only revolved till the climax. Moving to the technical aspects, the music of Yuvan Shankar Raja, the cinematography of Vijay Karthik Kannan and also editing of Ruben had been neat completely.


As usual, we don’t have to tell about Vijay Sethupathi’s performance which will be obviously casual for whatever character he owes in every film. Anyway, some instances of his character will definitely make us remember Ram Charan’s ‘Rangasthalam’, the comedy along with his son Surya who will surely steal so many fans’ hearts with his debut performance, had looked very descent on screen. As a terror lady with a loud voice, Anjali has been the good pair of Vijay Sethupathi after ‘Iraivi’ with fresh love moments. Appearing in a few scenes, Vivek Prasanna’s performance seemed neat for the character he had taken up.

What works?

1) The romance of Vijay Sethupathi and Anjali

2) Background score

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Story

2) Screenplay

3) Songs

On the whole, ‘Sindhubaadh’ is a dusty, mass but lengthy rescue story reminiscing many Hollywood films.


‘Sindhubaadh’ is a happy ending rescue story with more traveling and running!

Ratings: 4/10

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