'House Owner' Movie Review!

‘House Owner’ is stubborn to immerse with his memories of his lovable ‘Radha’!

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Direction: Lakshmy Ramakrishnan
Production: Monkey Creative Labs
Cast: ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore, Sriranjini, Kishore DS & Lovelyn Chandrasekhar
Cinematography: Krishna Sekhar TS
Music: Mohamaad Ghibran
Editor: CS Prem Kumar

Previously directing films like ‘Aaroham’, ‘Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathae’ and ‘Ammani’, we knew that Director/Actress Lakshmy Ramakrishnan has been working in the film ‘House Owner’ which stars ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore, Sriranjini, Kishore DS & Lovelyn Chandrasekhar in prominent roles. Stated to narrate the happenings during Chennai floods, will this ‘House Owner’ be an interesting film for this week?


Vasudevan is a retired military colonel who is taken care by his beloved wife Radha. Since he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease for almost 5 years, he believes that he is still 25 years old along with the thoughts of romancing with his wife during that age. However, he hardly remembers the name and face of his face, there is a great flood in his house due to heavy rains. Will these old aged couples get over from the flood in spite of colonel’s terrific Alzheimer’s disease? Or will they get out of the house either by themselves or with the help of someone? What will happen in this stubborn House Owner’s house will be explained in the practical climax of ‘House Owner’!


Absolutely refreshing with the beautiful ‘Palakkad’ Tamil slang, Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s screenplay was so neat by practically narrating the love between the old aged couple and the realistic characterizations (especially the characterizations of ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore and Sriranjini) syncing to the flashback with the love between Kishore DS & Lovelyn Chandrasekhar as young Vasudevan and Radha. With a great background score mainly with the continuous rain, Ghibran has absolutely added more soothing effect by making us compare the love between our parents and the innocent romance during our ancestors’ period. Apart from that, it’s been a great show playing with a good effort of applying the fast flowing water for showing the floods which happened in Chennai with good cinematography of Krishna Sekhar TS. The only drawback is in the starting of the film to get connected with Sriranjani’s character has the voice of Lakshmy Ramakrishnan and the slow-moving screenplay only inside the house.


However, only 4 characters were ruling the screen in this film, the love in the flashback i.e., the performance of Kishore DS & Lovelyn Chandrasekhar has been absolutely cute in the film. Besides that, Sriranjani’s character with the understanding nature and with the worry of taking care of her husband how much ever he disturbs or be stubborn was really matured and intense. Nobody will be apt for old man/’House Owner’ Vasudevan’s character than ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore. In such a wonderful way, he has executed his character in the film. Overall the performance of the entire cast was decent throughout the film.

What works?

1) Story

2) Music and Cinematography

3) Performance of the actors

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow moving feel which is due to the house being the only location

On the whole, ‘House Owner’ will be an absolute treat in this week if you are a lover for matured romance.


‘House Owner’ is stubborn to immerse with his memories of his lovable ‘Radha’!

Ratings: 5.5/10

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