S A C-Jai film is titled with a pakka local slang!

Directed by S A Chandrasekar, Jai, Vaibhavi Shandilya and Athulya Ravi stars in an upcoming film ‘CapMaari’!

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Directing almost 69 films in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi so far, S A Chandrasekar had been keeping mum with the making of 70th film. Stepping into the final leg of the making recently, the film stars Jai, Vaibhavi Shandilya and Athulya Ravi in the prominent roles. Having a brief meeting with the press reporters, the team had announced the title of the film as ‘CapMaari’ yesterday in Chennai.

Stated to have a mix of love, glamour and fun, Director S A Chandrasekar has shared the reason for having the title ‘CapMaari’ for the film stating as “You will understand why it has been titled as ‘CapMaari’ after watching the film. Jai is playing the role of a youngster who works in an IT company. This film will majorly talk about how the present generation youngsters live their lives, how the youngsters should be and should not be with a message in the end! It’s my 70th film and Jai’s 25th film. This is my last film and I am planning to direct this film in Hindi and Telugu as well.”

Bankrolled by the banner ‘Green Signal’, ‘CapMaari’ has the camera handling of Jeevan and editing of G V Prasanna. With the musical composition of Sidharth Vipin, Art Direction is supervised by Veeramani.

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