Vairamuthu requests the Government to make a biopic of KB!

The speeches of Actor Siva Kumar and Lyricist Vairamuthu in the event ‘KB 90’ is stated below!

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With the name of ‘Iyakkunar Sigaram’, in the memory of K. Balachander his birthday has been celebrated such that the event ‘KB 90’ had been happening yesterday in Chennai with the presence of Actors Siva Kumar, Vivekh, Samuthirakani, Manobala, and Delhi Ganesh, Actress Sachu, Director Perarasu, Lyricist Vairamuthu and many others have taken part.

When Siva Kumar had spoken in the event, he has stated that, “In the number of five films which Director Sir likes, I have acted in three of those five films. What pride will I need than this? Director Sir is the director whom I have inspired, surprised and been happy about in my life. If you look into his life history, you will get the authentication of seeing the best director.

In a very simple we can understand how a husband and wife should live with love through the film ‘Agni Saatchi’. Can any other filmmaker make a better film like that film in Tamil Cinema? One and only ‘Sigaram’ and that is one and only K. Balachander! Nobody can replace his position.”

When Lyricist Vairamuthu had given the speech, he had stated that “I have worked with a music composer for many years. After a limit, I couldn’t work with the same music composer continuously. The reason is the music composer’s talent and his intelligence was vast. In those seven years with the view of finding a good music composer, I have worked with seven different music composers. Nobody was up to that standard. At that time I have got a call from K. Balachander and when I visited him he had introduced me to the new music composer who is ‘Dilip’. Three of KB’s films had songs with my lyrics and Dilip’s composition; those three films were super hit. That Dilip is only A R Rahman and I have got back the great excitement. Bharathiraja was the one who introduced me to Cinema but the one who saved me back was KB. His achievements have to be treasured. That has to be done by Government. Not only KB’s, but many of

the achievers’ achievements also have to be treasured and that has to be started off with KB.”

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