‘Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2’ Movie Review!

‘Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2’ is an usual game with the less seasoning of salt and pepper compared to the first part!

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Direction: Selva Sekaranc
Production: Saai Arputham Cinemas
Cast: Vikranth, Arthana Binu, Pasupathy, Kishore, Anupama Kumar & Soori
Music: V Selvaganesh
Cinematography: E Krishnasamy
Editor: Ajay

Almost after 10 years of ‘Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu’ (2009) which had the sad ending of Vishnu Vishal’s death, Susienthiran’s film has been taken in hands by his relative, debut director Selva Sekaran. How this sports film has worked on screens this week?


Pasupathy works as a bus driver such that he lives a peaceful life with his family of wife, a son (Vikranth) and a daughter. Having so much interest on Kabaddi sport, Pasupathy is crazy to watch all matches whichever happens in the village and he never regrets even for losing his job for the sake of watching Kabaddi match. On the other hand, Vikranth who has no interest in Kabaddi meets his love interest Arthana Binu whereas she refuses to love him because of her stubborn father who dislikes Vikranth. Unfortunately due to Pasupathi’s close buddy who needed money for an unexpected situation in his family, he sacrifices his car which he had been the only means of earning. Frustrated with Pasupathi’s craziness, Vikranth freaks out as a result of which his mom (Anupama Kumar) narrates the reason for why his father is crazy on Kabaddi and how it has changed his life by leaving his ‘Vennila Kabbadi Team’ and his native place Kanakkanpatti. In order to pacify the temper of Arthana Binu’s father, Pasupathi sends his son Vikranth to Madras for betterment whereas Vikranth turns this to a contrast of entering into Kanakkanpatti where he finds ‘Vennila Kabaddi Team’ to be deserted due to the death of Marimuthu (Vishnu Vishal). What happens next? Will he become a Kabaddi player like his father aimed for? Will he get married to his love interest? Will he win and make his father’s dream to be a success is revealed in the thrilling climax of ‘Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2’!


Handling the usual sequences of a father and son sentiment and also by portraying the love which had been shown in many films earlier, Director Selva Sekaran has shown only the tit-bits of Kabaddi game in the first half with the backdrops of the year 1989 such that in the approaching second half the film had been moving forward with practice sessions, matches and also a little of comedy and love. However, there were more predictable scenes, the screenplay looked very flat and dry without any spicing up with twists and turns. Apart from that, two songs in the first half which was back to back seemed like squeezing us in seats with hesitation compared to the second half. Besides the story and screenplay clichés, the technical aspects like music of V Selvaganesh and cinematography of E Krishnasamy have been neat and descent whereas the long duration seemed to have been alright if editing of Ajay would have been worked out well if it was done with little of trimming then and there for this sports film with usual and predictable story.


Been one of the busiest actor by playing roles in many films recently, Vikranth seemed to perform well such that it would have been even more better if he works on his reactions and body language. Been holding the major character of the film, Pasupathy as a father and as a passionate Kabaddi player, had performed well as usual. Supporting to him Anupama Kumar has also acted well. Playing the usual heroine character by appearing in the first half prominently and in 2 to 3 songs, Arthana Binu has been adding up little beauty to the screen with less scope in performance. Besides that, Kishore as the Kabaddi coach, Soori, Appukutty and many others as co players have played their roles very neatly.

What works?

1) Sets and Backdrops of the year 1989

2) Cinematography and music

3) Few comedy instances of Soori

What doesn’t work?

1) Slow moving first half which will tire by beating the bush

2) Editing

3) Usual and predictable scenes

On the whole, ‘Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2’ is an usual sports film with love, father-son sentiments and Kabaddi.

Verdict: ‘Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu 2’ is an usual game with the less seasoning of salt and pepper compared to the first part!

Ratings: 4/10

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