‘Gurkha’ Movie Review!

‘Gurkha’ is a savior with comical instances which is in the top list to enjoy for this week !

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Direction: Sam Anton
Production: 4 Monkeys Studios
Cast: Yogi Babu, Anand Raj, Livingston, Raj Bharath, Charle & Elyssa Erhardt
Music: Raj Aryan
Cinematography: Krishnan Vasant
Editor: Ruben

Stated to be an unofficial remake of the Hollywood film, ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’, Yogi Babu starrer ‘Gurkha’ seems to be a long-awaited film such that after ‘100’ Director Sam Anton making us keep guessing about how this film would work out in screens! Let this review give you an idea how ‘Gurkha’ has satisfied the audience?


Bahadur Babu has an ancestral passion for being a ‘Gurkha’ since he is born with an ancestral cross of ‘Gurkha’ who belongs to North India and North Madras-based woman. However Babu wanted to join the Police Department in one hand, he joins a security service company and falls in love with US Embassy officer Margret (Elyssa Erhardt) after getting rejected in the Police training sessions. While on duty, he finds a group of so-called ex-military officers to plan and hold people from different political and powerful backgrounds as hostages inside a mall for threatening and getting a bulk amount of money such that how Babu uses his ‘Gurkha’ intelligence with a great sense of comedy and saves the hostages from the terrorists is the story of ‘Gurkha’!


Making us remember the glimpses of ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’, ‘Gurkha’ has been starting with the way of portraying the life and struggles of ‘Gurkha’ whom we all are protected in our residence and have peaceful sleep during night times. Anyways, the first half goes with the simple story of a funny youngster who wants to become a cop and is rejected due to his unfit bulky body and lazy attitude, the second half which has completely comical sequences of a security guard in saving hostages (along with his American lover) from the mall is taking us to an interesting tract when compared to the first half. Involving many societal issues which played prominent roles in the politics of Tamil Nadu, the screenplay had funny but usual scenes which were decent and enjoyable. Apart from that the music of Raj Aryan and cinematography of Krishnan Vasant was apt for the thrilling and comical screenplay whereas due to the long duration which was many drags (especially a romantic song) in both first half and second half, the editing of Ruben seemed ok but by giving the thought that it would have been better if some lags were trimmed off.


As usual Yogi Babu since the moment he appears on the screen, his face, body language and also the local North Madras Tamil slang will definitely make everyone laugh. Along with comedy, Yogi Babu has also worked on the stunt portions and also in dance this time which is impressive and comical. The other actors like ‘Aadukalam’ Naren as Police Commissioner, Anand Raj as Bomb Diffuser, Raj Bharath as the Head terrorist, Charle as co-comedian and Elyssa Erhardt as a US Embassy officer has performed their roles well. Last but not least; Gurkha’s ‘Undertaker’ is giving a tight tough through performance with this week’s ‘Gorilla’!

What works?

1) Yogi Babu

2) Cinematography

3) Background score

What doesn’t work?

1) Lags in the first half and second half which seemed with drags

2) Romance song which was disturbing the screenplay with rescuing story

On the whole, ‘Gurkha’ is all about a giant shaped security guard’s comical way of rescuing the hostages from the mall he works in with tidbits of inclusion with the present day political scenarios!

Verdict: ‘Gurkha’ is a savior with comical instances which is in the top list to enjoy for this week!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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