‘Kadaram Kondan’ Movie Review!

‘Kadaram Kondan’ is mainly for stylish action of ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram but not for logic and emotions

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Direction: Rajesh Selva
Production: Raaj Kamal Films International
Cast: Vikram, Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan & Lena
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: Srinivas R. Gutha
Editor: Praveen K L

After ‘Saamy Square’, Vikram’s ‘Kadaram Kondan’ has been much expected on screens because of the production banner Kamal Haasan’s ‘Raaj Kamal Films International’ which is like a dream come true combo in Kollywood. However, it had been stated that this is an ultimate action thriller, let this review explain to you more about how this film has actually worked out on screens!


KK runs for saving his life by jumping from the Petronas Twin Towers which is then followed by running to escape from the shooters. While struggling to escape from them, he meets with an accident because of which he goes to the critical stage and is admitted to the hospital. While Dr. Vasu Rajagopalan who is in night duty only for the sake of taking care of his pregnant wife Aatirah in the morning, will be in charge of the patients in casualty, he gets suspicion like someone is trying to kill KK. However Vasu finds people constantly attempting to kill KK, he explains about the murder attempt which he had seen in front of his eyes the previous night when he was in duty. In order to get KK, some random stranger comes to Vasu’s residence and kidnaps Aatirah in front of him. When he becomes conscious of overcoming the strong hit which was given by a kidnapper, he gets the call with a demand that his wife will be safe only if he handovers KK to them. On the other hand, KK seems to be the number one criminal and a ‘double-agent’ who is most wanted at that point in time. What happens next? Will Vasu get KK out of the hospital and handover KK to the kidnappers or call the police? Will he save his pregnant wife Aatirah? Will KK wake up during the escape mission? Why KK has been running to save his life in the first scene of the film? Well, ‘Kadaram Kondan’ seems to be the action-reaction for all the questions!


Starting off with the running and chasing scenes, the screenplay seems to be very complicated by creating many doubts about logics in the first half. However, the cute love between Abi and Akshara had been shown very neatly, the thrill starts only at the moment Akshara is kidnapped. Approaching to the moment of Abi taking Vikram out from the hospital, the interval block seemed very blunt with many more doubts. Carried away with the thrills, the second half will start with the slight spice of hearing Vikram’s voice which is very rare in the first half. Adapted from the story of the French film ‘Point Blank’, it is a good try to attempt on the stunt scenes with the thrilling screenplay of Rajesh Selva which was like a seasoning in the second half while approaching the climax. Guess the director at least knows if Vikram has got gunshot or the cut for which he got admitted critically! Besides that, the stunts choreographed by Giles Conseil, Naren, and Ronie, the visuals captured by Srinivas R. Gutha, the editing of Praveen K L and the background scoring with two song insertions composed by Ghibran were influencing for not tiring the running with gunshots and chasing story which seems to have appreciative crew involvement.


Do we have to tell about Vikram’s performance after watching proof in many movies earlier? But still yes! There had been a wait for hearing out Vikram’s voice in the first half. Somehow, with the little strong tone he had slightly voiced in the film not by talking but with reactions and strong and heated up stunts. Traveling throughout the film with Vikram, Abi Hassan looks like the main lead who had done a decent job but more experience is also encouraged though! Having a similar voice of her sister Shruti Haasan, playing the role of an innocent pregnant lady, Akshara Haasan has performed well by showing out so many emotions. Apart from that, Lena as the investigating officer ‘Kalpana’ and Vikas as her opponent investigating officer ‘Vincent’ has done their roles well.

What works?

1) Vikram

2) Cinematography & Background score of Ghibran

3) Action sequences

What doesn’t work?

1) First Half

2) Logic mistakes

On the whole, ‘Kadaram Kondan’ is a sleek action thriller for the week if the logic mistakes are refused to mind. Hope this film seems to be like a teaser for Vikram Gautham Vasudev Menon’s ‘Dhuruva Natchathiram’!

Verdict : ‘Kadaram Kondan’ is mainly for stylish action of ‘Chiyaan’ Vikram but not for logic and emotions

Ratings: 4.5/10

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