‘Aadai’ Movie Review!

‘Aadai’ is a perfect ‘A’ film which can be watched with family without any hesitation!

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Direction: Rathna Kumar
Production: V Studios
Cast: Amala Paul, Ramya Subramanian, Sriranjini & Ananya Ramprasad
Music: Pradeep Kumar & Oorka (band)
Cinematography: Vijay Karthik Kannan
Editor: Shafique Mohammed Ali

After the release of ‘Ratsasan’, the much-expected film of Amala Paul, ‘Aadai’ has been released finally with lots of struggle. Creating great hype with the sensational teaser, trailer, and looks let us see how Arrogant, Audacious and Artistic ‘Aadai’ has worked on screens!


Being a bold and adamant girl, Kamini works in a TV channel in which she hosts a prank show and becomes a super hit during the recent times. On the other hand, brought up by her mom who is an emotional single parent, she always gets worried about her daughter’s adamant and western culture which is followed in her work. However, due to an issue, all the employees vacate the complete workplace to some other building whereas Kamini and her colleagues wish to spend one last night by enjoying a drinking party at their memorable office. Also celebrating Kamini’s birthday, they enjoy drinking, smoking and also by hallucinating. Worried about her daughter when Kamini’s mom calls her to find where she is in that late-night, Kamini reveals that she is drunk and tells about how she had been reading news for the sake of her mom that day by stopping Jenifer intentionally. Listening to this, Jenifer also swears bet for reading news by being naked. With the audacious behavior and also for strong betting attitude, she accepts for doing the same while she is completely drunk. Completely in hangover state, Kamini wakes up naked in the morning with no one and not even with a tiny piece of paper or clothing in the building. What happens next? Who will come and rescue her? Who has done her like this? Jenifer has done this or someone else? Will anyone come to the building and even if they come how can they save a girl with a naked body? What will happen to her mom who is very much worried about Kamini? How will she struggle in this and come out by saving her body like the ‘Nangeli’ character which is talked greatly in history is the story of ‘Aadai’!


With the base of the real story of ‘Nangeli’ who had cut off her breasts for the sake of saving her body before hundreds of years ago, the screenplay of Rathna Kumar has been moving with the straight subject for having women’s’ rights for wearing clothes by giving the contrast of the present situation of a woman dressing in western outfits. Anyhow with the strong note of explaining even if a girl is how much ever modern, she strives for saving her body which is very much appreciatively done in the best expressive way with the performance of Amala Paul, the music of Pradeep Kumar, the descent cinematography of Vijay Karthik Kannan, the editing of Shafique Mohammed Ali (who had done a good job with cuts without giving any tiring moment for the entire 142 minutes). Apart from the comedy sequences of thieves who were coming to steal in the empty building, the scenes with police and the song sequence which featured ‘Oorka band’ as a slight diversion in the serious screenplay, the film is syncing to the present time trend and is also very easy to connect for the present youngsters.


‘Aadai’ is absolutely not possible without the fabulous performance of Amala Paul. She has just understood the depth the character ‘Kamini’ had been holding and has performed the way it has to be expressed. As a caring and worried mom, Sriranjini’s character has been performing well. Owing in the characters of Amala Paul's friends and colleagues, Vivek Prasanna, VJ Ramya, Rohit Nandakumar, and Kishore Dev have performed well. Last but not the least; playing the role of an innocent girl who gets vexed due to the prank show which she undergoes, Ananya Ramprasad has performed by transforming to the character by beautifully talking ‘Theni’ slang.

What works?

1) Amala Paul

2) Story, Direction and Screenplay

3) Cinematography, editing and music

What doesn’t work?

1) Comedy sequences with police and thieves

2) Diversion with the song sequence of ‘Oorka band’

On the whole, ‘Aadai’ is a struggle for wrapping body and life with the absolute rights for dressing however the girl is modern! Also, it influences and reminds us of why and for what the media has to be used at present times!

Verdict: ‘Aadai’ is a perfect ‘A’ film which can be watched with family without any hesitation!


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