‘A1: Accused No. 1’ Movie Review!

A1: Accused No. 1’ is a jolly comedy package!

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Direction: Johnson K
Production: CircleBox Entertainment
Cast: Santhanam, M. S. Bhaskar, Tara Alisha Berry, Rajendran & Yatin Karyekar
Music: Santhosh Narayanan
Cinematography: Gopi Jagadeeswaran
Editor: Leo John Paul

Directed by Johnson K who is the title winner of ‘Nalaiya Iyakkunar’ show, how this ‘A1: Accused No. 1’ had worked out on screens this week?


In the motto to marry a ‘terror Brahmin guy’, Tara Alisha Berry falls in love with the local middle guy Santhanam whereas Tara finds out after getting into a relationship that Santhanam is not a Brahmin guy and ‘breaks up’ with him. Due to a few situations, Tara patches up with Santhanam but her dad denies getting her married to Santhanam. Listening to her dad, Tara once again breaks up with Santhanam by telling the reason to prove something bad about her dad to her because of which in spite of him reacting for the issue, his friends create a mess. What is the mess which his friends had created? What are the consequences that Santhanam faces? Will Santhanam get married to Tara? Will he prove that every human commit a mistake and his dad is not exceptional? Will Tara accept him is the story of ‘A1: Accused No. 1’!


Without having any message, any exclusive theme or any other drags which a general film will have, the debutant Johnson K had played it safe with the simple story and with ‘comedy counters’. One romance song and one folk song, totally by having only 2 songs in the entire movie, Santhosh Narayanan had played with his tunes in background music. Just like watching some good standup comedy show, we can enjoy the complete movie with good laughter which is no doubt to assure with the visuals captured by Gopi Jagadeeswaran and editing done by Leo John Paul.


Santhanam has exactly understood the pulse of the audience which he had been getting through the experience for acting in many movies so far with the correct margin of holding the counters. He had just traveled as a comedian himself but has also reminded that he is a ‘hero’ by doing romance, stunts and also by dancing for the songs. Perfectly looking like a ‘Brahmin Maami’, Tara Alisha had acted well in the character for which she had been traveling with the hero throughout the film. Thangadurai, ‘Lollu Sabha’ Maaran, ‘Kolamaavu Kokila’ Dhoni had been the positive characters who will also be traveling along with Santhanam by creating simple comedy gigs. By appearing only in the two scenes, MS Bhaskar’s character and ‘Lollu Sabha’ Manohar had performed well which is proven with great applause in the screens.

What works?

1) Comedy sequences of Santhanam and friends

2) Music of Santhosh Narayanan

What doesn’t work?

1) Story

2) Giving a feel of watching a standup comedy

On the whole, ‘A1: Accused No. 1’ will definitely make you laugh and enjoy which will make you feel similarly to the small tickling like watching a standup comedy which Santhanam has tried in the latest times by completely leaving his screen experience.

Verdict: ‘A1: Accused No. 1’ is a jolly comedy package!

Ratings: 5/10

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