‘Kazhugu 2’ Movie Review!

‘Kazhugu 2’ is about the start over about wolves but with no prey in the end!

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Direction: Sathyasiva
Production: Madhukkoor films
Cast: Krishna, Bindu Madhavi, Kaali Venkat, Hareesh Peradi & MS Bhaskar
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Raja Battacharjee
Editor: Gopi Krishna

Almost after 7 years of ‘Kazhugu’, the same team with Director Sathyasiva, Krishna and Bindu Madhavi had been reunited for the second part. How this ‘Kazhugu 2’ had been worked out in the screens this week?


Krishna and his friend Kaali Venkat are the petty thieves in Theni such that while escaping from the Police with rifles in their hands, they meet M S Bhaskar accidentally who comes from Kodaikanal in search of real hunters for helping his boss to get the tree cutting contract and to help the laborers to work peacefully amidst the forest which has a great threat to dangerous wolves for several years. However, Krishna and Kaali pretend to be the hunters in the fear of Police and for the sake of getting proper food and shelter, Bindu Madhavi who is also a laborer and daughter of MS Bhaskar understands that they are not the real hunters but by having pity on Krishna’s living condition without having anyone to care, she falls in love with him. In one hand, Krishna and Kaali get scared if any Police will be coming in search of the rifles, on another hand, they successfully steal the ancient jewels which were dug and taken by the local MLA (Hareesh Peradi) from the treasure hidden in the forest for having a happily ever afterlife by eloping with Bindu. Will Krishna elope with Bindu? Will the MLA find Krishna to be the thief for stealing the jewels? Will Krishna and Kaali get caught to Police for running away with the rifles is the story of ‘Kazhugu 2’!


Starting off the story with the revealing of the dreadful and dangerous wolves, the screenplay deviates to the story of Krishna and Kaali entering into the hills of Kodaikanal and travels to a romance track. Anyway, the first half moves with the thrill if Krishna will be getting caught in Police, the second half opens off with a different track by revealing the treasure hunt, doing robbery and eloping. However, the entire film is just 125 minutes long, the diversion from the main plot is changed drastically which seems so confusing while watching by arising the doubt if the film is similar to the plot of ‘Kumki’ and ending with the climax of some other familiar film with depressing end. Besides all that, the songs were not that impressive except the two romance songs comparatively to the first part but Yuvan had brought up to the expectations with the apt background score. Last but not least, the cinematography of Raja Battacharjee had been descent with the visuals of Theni and hill stations of Kodaikanal whereas maybe because of the diverted plot, the short duration of the film had been giving the feeling as if it is long which could have been better with trimming in editing by Gopi Krishna.


Playing the lead role in the film, Krishna has as usual done his best in the film. Traveling with him throughout the film, Kaali Venkat has also performed well but with not so impressive witty instances which Karunas and Thambi Ramaiah had been swinging through in the first part. Playing the lover girl role, Bindu Madhavi had done the obvious heroine role well. Having grudge for loving his daughter and spoiling his name and respect in the place they were residing, MS Bhaskar has performed well without showing out any clue of turning to a villain which will be revealed only in the climax. As the strong face in the entire film (who will be shown as a villain) Hareesh Peradi had also acted well-fitting the role of a jealousy MLA.

What works?

1) Krishna and Bindu Madhavi’s performance

2) Cinematography

3) Background score

What doesn’t work?

1) Diverted story

2) Screenplay

3) Logic mistakes

On the whole, ‘Kazhugu 2’ is not the best prey when it is compared to the first part which had soothing songs and comedy. It might be a decent film for passing time if logic mistakes were ignored to realize.

Verdict: ‘Kazhugu 2’ is about the start over about wolves but with no prey in the end!

Ratings: 3.5/10

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