‘Bakrid’ Movie Review!

‘Bakrid’ is a good festival with a slow-moving emotional feast!

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Direction: Jagadeesan Subu
Production: M10 Productions
Cast: Vikranth & Vasundhara Kashyap
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: Jagadeesan Subu
Editor: Ruben

After a long wait, we knew that Vikranth & Vasundhara Kashyap starrer ‘Bakrid’ is finally out on screens this week. However, this film is said to be the first feature Indian film to have a camel in the prominent role, we will have a brief review of what ‘Bakrid’ is actually about!


Rathinam wanted a loan of a lump sum amount to do agriculture in his ancestral land which is finally got after a dispute with his elder brother. However, he needed some money for starting up work and for proving the bank to get the loan; he goes for getting aid from a Muslim friend who is a well-known face in the village. Since it is the time of Bakrid, he finds his Muslim friend to have imported camels for making meat for the festival. Seeing a baby camel so cute with the elder camel, Rathinam requests his Muslim friend for taking the camel with him to his home and to grow him just like he grows his cows and bulls. By seeing his kind heart, the Muslim friend also offers him camel along with the money he had come to ask for! How Rathinam grows the camel which is very new to his place and not the same as his cow or hen he grows already? Will camel to the climate of Tamil Nadu and adapt to Rathinam’s family? Or will Rathinam go and leave it back in Rajasthan? If he is going to leave the camel in Rajasthan, how will he take him by separating after having the bond of love with him and his family is revealed in the climax of ‘Bakrid’!


Starting up with the story analysis, ‘Bakrid’ has a very different idea with camel as the main subject which is very new to the entire Indian Cinema and is appreciable. However, the screenplay is so emotional from the beginning with the family bonding, daughter- father love and also about the compassion on agriculture even after a great mess with his elder brother, the bond with the camel had so much intensity from the beginning and till the climax has a constant. Approaching the second half, the film has a clear struggle for coming to the conclusion of either to leave the camel in Rajasthan or take the camel back with him to his home with so many slow-moving instances. Even if the slow second half looks tiring, the constant love for the camel ‘Sarah’ and performances of Vikranth, Vasundhara, foreigner and especially the small girl who performed in the daughter character ‘Vasuki’ had been filling up the emotional instances (a bit of over-exaggeration) with a good message that animals do care for their masters and other people if true love and concern is shown to them. Besides that, the cinematography of Jagadeesan Subu had been brilliant showing the landscapes and different locations of India with beauty. The music and background score of D Imman had also been neat.


‘Bakrid’ can be mentioned as one of the best films for the performance in the entire film journey of Vikranth. He had been perfectly dealing with the emotions on the camel and also his feelings on ensuring the camel’s safety to live in a secured place had been genuinely conveyed in the film. Supporting him, Vasundhara, the foreigner, as a Veterinarian MS Bhaskar, as a truck driver Rohit Pathak and many others had performed well. Last but not least, claps for the cute talks and expressions for the small kid who played the character of ‘Vasuki’!

What works?

1) The idea of having camel as the main subject

2) Performance and Cast

3) Story, Cinematography, and music

What doesn’t work?

1) Logic Mistakes during travel

2) Slow-moving second half

On the whole, ‘Bakrid’ is a neat film with overt emotions but with a good conclusion in the end with love!

Verdict: ‘Bakrid’ is a good festival with a slow-moving emotional feast!

Ratings: 5/10

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