‘Kennedy Club’ Movie Review!

Kennedy Club’ talks about the pride of Kabaddi sport with the same template of every sports film!

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Direction: Suseenthiran
Production: Nallusamy Pictures
Cast: M. Sasikumar, Bharathiraja, Soori & Murali Sharma
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: R. B. Gurudev
Editor: Anthony

The man who had been behind ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ i.e., Suseenthiran had been making us wait for the release of ‘Kennedy Club’ for a very long time since it had been a step ahead to ‘Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu’ with the story of women Kabaddi players. Let us see how ‘Kennedy Club’ had worked out on screens!


Savada Muthu (Bharathiraja) is an ex-military man who takes care of the talented women Kabbadi players belonging to lower financial backgrounds by providing facilities with educational aiding through his Kabaddi Club ‘Kennedy Club’ in a village Oddanchatram near Dindigul. Before participating in the district match, Savada Muthu becomes sick unexpectedly such that Murugananthan (Sasikumar) who had been the former student and state player comes to coach the players in the place of Bharathiraja. Winning the match with the guidance of Murugananthan, one of the players (Vidya) from ‘Kennedy Club’ team gets selected for playing with the Indian Kabaddi team. However, the selection committee head, Mukesh Rathore (Murali Sharma) demands Rs. 30 lakhs as a bribe for selecting and also due to the grudge on Murugananthan, the player (Vidya) gets frustrated and commits suicide while Indian Kabaddi team loses the match in the Asian Games for that year. What happens next? What will happen to the player who had committed suicide for the sake of proving people that sports field also has politics and corruption? Even if she is saved, how the players will get justice for their talent in Kabaddi? Will they play the match for Tamil Nadu and make their parents proud? Will they set themselves to be an example to the women who belong to the low economic status is the story of ‘Kennedy Club’!


Having instances of a coach training the students and showing the players’ backgrounds, the screenplay of ‘Kennedy Club’ starts off with the powerful and heated up play of the women such that at every instance of kicks and pulls, Suseenthiran had proved as a director to bring the performers from deep inside the real-time players who had acted in the film. However, all the efforts of the players, the chorus with victory, the frustration of not getting the chance to prove themselves, the politics inside and outside the team and the corruption for getting the talents recognized had been shown perfectly in the film in both the first half and the second half with detailing, the template of a sports film (similar to ‘Kanaa’) had been very much prominent till the end. With the visuals of R. B. Gurudev had been perfectly capturing the muddy and sweaty sport which had originated from the soil of Tamil Nadu to look rich on screens, the background score remained usual with the fewer comedy sequences.


As the main subjects of the film, the players were so much realistically performing in the film which will definitely be appreciated with applause on the screens. Apart from them, Sasikumar had been the driving force with the courage and patience in dialogue delivery for the character he had owed throughout the film whereas Bharathiraja’s performance seemed little over exaggerated in the climax (maybe we knew him more as a director than an actor, which is hard to accept while performing). As a selection committee head Murali Sharma and as a coach from Baroda Soori’s cameo performance (with not so impressive comedy instances), they were playing the characters well.

What works?

1) Performance of players and Sasikumar

2) Detailing of the game

3) Cinematography

What doesn’t work?

1) Usual sports film

2) Not so impressive comedy scenes

3) No special work in the background score

On the whole, ‘Kennedy Club’ is a usual sports film which talks more about retaining the pride of Kabaddi which had originated in Tamil Nadu!

Verdict: ‘Kennedy Club’ talks about the pride of Kabaddi sport with the same template of every sports film!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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