‘Mei’ Movie Review!

‘Mei’ is a search for the truth to prove the innocence in the money-minded medical services!

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Direction: S A Baskaran
Production: ‘Sundaram Productions’ & ‘Wide Angle Creations’
Cast: Nicky Sundaram, Aishwarya Rajesh & ‘Aadukalam’ Kishore
Music: Prithvi Kumar
Cinematography: V N Mohan
Editor: Preethi Mohan

Introducing Nicky Sundaram who is straight from the USA and also the grandson of the chairman of ‘TVS & Co.’ Sundaram, ‘Mei’ is stated to be a medical crime thriller which had got attention due to the interesting first look and title. How this ‘Mei’ had worked on screens this week?


Abhinav Chandran (Nicky Sundaram) who is an aspiring doctor comes from the US to Chennai and gets accused in a girl missing case after getting involved in the death of one of his friends who is working in his uncle’s medical shop. However, there becomes suspicion with no further developments in the case, Police Department brings back the Inspector Muthu (Kishore) in charge to find the case details and solve the mystery. Aided with Mithra (Aishwarya Rajesh) who is a medical rep, Abhinav tries to find out the mystery which is behind the girl missing case and his friend’s death! Will he find the answer? Even if he finds, will he be able to prove himself to be innocent? Who are all in the networking of such missing cases and unexpected deaths of patients is all about ‘Mei’!


Been very much normal with the introduction of characters in the first half, the screenplay had been gradually moving on forward with some twists and stays for the plot to get knotted in the first half. However, debutant SA Baskaran had worked out well by connecting the knots in the first half which had good thrill approaching the interval block, the second half had been off with more analysis, investigations and also dodging scenes which were quite decent as the first attempt but with tidbits of drags then and there. Having many logic mistakes from the beginning (like Abhinav’s unnecessary visit to his native country while depression expected love portions of Abhinav & Mithra, easily roaming around in Car and meeting people when Police is spreading the trap for them to be the prey), ‘Mei’ is actually weak in dialogue portions but the efforts had tried to cope up the thrill with the issue and details about the mafia which developed for experimenting patients with new medicines. Apart from that, the music of Prithvi Kumar should have been worked well still more interesting way whereas cinematography of V N Mohan and editing of Preethi Mohan had been impressive in ‘Mei’!


As a newcomer in performing, Nicky Sundaram looks very fresh but seemed like having great fear in his performance as the first attempt. More of a foreign actor look had been revealed with the accent and body language but with the struggles in dialogue delivery and action scenes are appreciable. Aishwarya Rajesh as a helping and understanding girlfriend had acted well as usual. Besides them, Kishore had been the apt actor for playing the Inspector character with much perfection. Other actors like Charle as a father who had lost his lovely daughter, the ‘Rs.50 fee’ doctor, and owner of ‘Gaurav Hospitals’ had been performing well.

What works?

1) Plot revealing of the known story

2) Cinematography

3) Editing

What doesn’t work?

1) Logic mistakes

2) No powerful dialogues

3) No interesting background music

On the whole, ‘Mei’ is a decent medical thriller of recent times which is appreciative as a first attempt if the logic mistakes are not noted!

Verdict: ‘Mei’ is a search for the truth to prove the innocence in the money-minded medical services!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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