‘Sixer’ Movie Review!

‘Sixer’ is worth watching for time passing!

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Direction: Chachi
Production: Trident Arts & Wallmate Entertainment
Cast: Vaibhav Reddy, Pallak Lalwani, Sathish, Radha Ravi, KPY TSK, KPY Ramar, Ilavarasu & Sriranjani
Music: M. Ghibran
Cinematography: P. G. Muthiah
Editor: Jomin

Been hyping with the interesting trailer which had revealed the night blindness defect of Vaibhav, ‘Sixer’ is racing on screens this week. Will Vaibhav’s ‘Sixer’ will be strong enough to attract the audience?


Vaibhav is a youngster who is a responsible son with the problem of night blindness which had passed on to him from his grandfather and struggles to get out after 6 PM every day. Rushing to home before 6 PM, he gets stuck outside getting blindness because of trouble in his two-wheeler. While waiting for his friend to pick him up he gets caught in a protest in which he becomes the highlight through media without his knowledge when he innocently listens to FM in his phone and also with his actions while guiding his friend to find him in such crowded place. On the other hand, looking at all these things, Pallak who is also a media person gets impressed and falls in love after days of conversing and meeting Vaibhav frequently. At some point Vaibhav also misunderstands during the instances while his family, fortunately, looks Pallak as a bride for him during a meeting occasion and also when a friend asks him for help to propose a girl (which is actually Pallak), Vaibhav overcomes all such problems and convinces Pallak for marriage. Thinking that this is the only way to get married to a girl, Vaibhav and his family hides about his night blindness defect to Pallak and her family. However, the political circles are in grudge on Vaibhav for the issues because of the protest and the consequences, Vaibhav struggles to handle Pallak and tries lying continuously to hid his defect till the day of their marriage. Will Vaibhav manage the political problems and marry Pallak? What will Pallak do if she comes to know about his defect? Will the marriage happen is the story of ‘Sixer’!


Starting up the film with the great idea about the struggles of a person with night blindness defect, the screenplay of the debutant Chachi in the first half had been gradually moving on with the various diversions like politics, love and also comedy. However, the natural struggles of the night blinded person is comically shown; there were a lot of logic mistakes with many character insertions from the first half till climax which would have been avoided for the better watching experience. At some sequences, it seems like the entire film looks without a mere seriousness because of the constant unwanted and over-exaggerated scene insertions with the characters of KPY TSK, KPY Ramar, Ilavarasu, and others. Some comedy portions of Sathish seemed to entertain a bit whereas the negative characters like a politician and her henchmen were also looking dummy without creating any terror mood. Besides that, the cinematography of P. G. Muthiah seems descent with the neat background scoring of M. Ghibran even the songs needed some more spice to add on for engaging.


Mentioning about the performance part, Vaibhav as the youngster who struggles with night blindness and for getting a life partner had performed well by involving himself in comedy, stunt and also in romance. He had been putting his effort in maintaining his body language till the end which is an appreciative factor. Making a cute pair with Vaibhav, Pallak added up beauty to the screens with her performance in the film. Apart from them, Sathish’s comedy instances, Ilavarasu as a money-minded dad and Sriranjani as a caring mom have acted well in the character of Vaibhav’s parents. Radharavi as a drunkard and terror dad of Pallak has performed well as it is required for the role. The characters of the politician RN Mohan and AJ as his henchman and his brother seem to have low weight age in characters than expectations.

What works?

1) Some comedy instances

2) Vaibhav’s involvement

3) Cinematography and background score

What doesn’t work?

1) Logic mistakes

2) Editing

On the whole, ‘Sixer’ is a descent rollercoaster to watch for time passing in screens this week if you are not a great movie buff by looking at logics!

Verdict: ‘Sixer’ is worth watching for time passing!

Ratings: 4/10

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