‘Magamuni’ Movie Review!

‘Magamuni’ is a film which shows ‘situation’ to be the influencer for being positive & negative!

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Direction: Santhakumar
Production: Studio Green
Cast: Arya, Indhuja Ravichandran, Mahima Nambiar, Ilavarasu & Jayaprakash
Music: SS Thaman
Cinematography: Arun Bathmanaban
Editor: VJ Sabu Joseph


Maga Devan (Arya) is a henchman who works with a politician (Ilavarasu) and helps him in providing sketches for destroying his opponents in his political field. However, he is not treated well by his master; he wanted to live happily with his family (wife and a son). On another hand, Muni Raj (Arya) seems to be a gentle and educated person living a healthy and peaceful life with his mother in a small village such that he comes across a descent and a friendly bond with the wealthy but caste centric man’s daughter (Mahima as Jayaprakash’s daughter) who is a very much adamant and bold journalist. Having financial crunches in handling the family, Maga even in the view to come out of the risky job for the sake of his family’s welfare helps his master for the sake of trust. In this side, mistaking the friendly talks and frequent meeting up of Muni and the journalist girl, Jayaprakash tries to kill Muni whereas the politician tries to blame Maga to escape from Police’s prey. What happens next? How Maga and Muni are connected to each other with their looks like and will they be connected in the future is the story of ‘Magamuni’!


Having no commercial elements other than action, family sentiments and philosophy, Director Santhakumar had applied a different approach with the dual role of ‘Magamuni’ unlike usual double-action characters we have been watching in Tamil Cinema till date. However, the suspense of the dual role is maintained till the interval block is maintained, the second half is actually a great opening with the reveal and scope for showing variance in Arya’s performance. Apart from that, the depth of all characters had been gentle as required with slight drags in the raw screenplay with many twists. Besides that, the technical aspects like SS Thaman’s background scoring, Arun Bathmanaban’s cinematography and VJ Sabu Joseph’s editing had been the positive pillars for creating power in the screens.


Arya had made a great effort which is absolutely put up on screens with the unique screenplay presented by Santhakumar. Everyone who watches the film will feel ‘How long it’s been watching Arya in a powerful role like this?’! It’s that much different and unique than you can imagine. As a loving wife and mother (Indhuja), as a bold journalist and adamant daughter (Mahima), as a politician (Ilavarasu – slightly reminding his character from ‘NGK’), as a gentle and caring mother (Rohini), as a person who gets influenced on caste because of relatives (Jayaprakash) and others had performed well.

What works?

1) Story and Direction

2) Arya, Indhuja and Mahima

3) Technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1) Twists with dragging suspense

2) Lately revealed mystery for killing Maga and Muni individually

On the whole, having the usual dual roles story which had been existing in Cinema from the beginning, ‘Magamuni’ is a different approach with bits of content and philosophy!


‘Magamuni’ is a film which shows ‘situation’ to be the influencer for being positive & negative!



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