‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’ Movie Review!

‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’ is a fight for getting the green light in a brotherhood bonding!

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Direction: Sasi
Production: Abhishek Films
Cast: Siddharth, G. V. Prakash Kumar, Kasmira Pardeshi & Lijomol Jose
Music: Siddhu Kumar
Cinematography: Prasanna Kumar
Editor: San Lokesh

After 3 years of ‘Pichaikkaran’, Director Sasi had been involving Siddharth and G. V. Prakash for a dual hero subject in the film ‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’ in which it had been speculated that they both will be seen in the relationship of brother-in-law with great clash. Let us see how the film is working on screens this week!


Madhan (G. V. Prakash) is brought up by his elder sister Raji (Lijomol Jose) with great love and affection as much as he can get the love from his mother. Without seeking Raji’s permission and by hiding from her, Madhan is passionate about bike racing and takes part in bike race betting with local thugs. While he goes on a terrific race with the opponent, he gets caught red-handed in Rajasekhar’s (Siddharth) hands, a traffic policeman which is followed by the insult of making him wear a ladies nightwear at the time he is dragged into the police jeep with cuffs in his hands. Frustrated with the insult which was also worsened when Rajasekhar publishes the video of Madhan wearing a ladies outfit and getting into the jeep in social media, Madhan denies the marriage alliance which comes from Rajasekhar for marrying his sister Raji. With great misunderstanding, Raji manages to marry Rajasekhar without Madhan’s acceptance but tries to convince her brother and her husband to have a friendly bond. Unfortunately, because of the bike racing issues with his opponents, Madhan gets a situation to be under the supervision of Rajasekhar by staying in his house whereas Rajasekhar gets involved in a drug-dealing illegal business of a big shot (Madhusudhan Rao). How both of them understand the practical reality and importance of having the relationship of ‘brother-in-law’? Will they both get convinced? How they both come out of their issues? Will they unite is the story of ‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’!


Clearly portraying the practical bond which a sister and a brother could have, the screenplay of Sasi in ‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’ had been smooth from the start off with the flashback till the present day instances of sister-brother relationship in the first half. Simultaneously the screen had still more heated up presence when Siddharth had entered between them by showing the mere reality. The building up of the clash between G. V. Prakash and Siddharth had been drastically realistic with many logical possibilities and apt dialogues, the second half seemed very matured with tit-bits of love portions and action filled stunts which were slightly over exaggerated. Besides that, the film’s screenplay had been justified with proper but dramatic conclusion which is easily predictable. Coming to the technical part, the cinematography of Prasanna Kumar and the background score of Siddhu Kumar had been helping for the thrill to be maintained even in the stunt scenes with the wait for the climax. Since the stunt scenes were quite dragging with inserts on emotions, it seemed like it would be better if some portions from them is trimmed in the editing.


It seems like Sasi would have done a great research in choosing the perfect cast for the film based on the looks, body language and also with the scope for making everyone to perform well. Been the main players of the screen, G. V. Prakash as a lethargic and tempered youngster, and Siddharth as rough and tough traffic police with a bit ego to go down his prestige had been performing well. However, Siddharth had been reminding us of the similar role which he had been appearing in the Netflix web series ‘Leila’; he had drastically stolen everybody’s hearts with the transformation in the character by taking up the responsibility of being a husband/brother-in-law. Apart from that, as a loving sister, Lijomol Jose, as a cute love interest of G. V. Prakash, Kasmira Pardeshi and last but not least the actor who appeared in the aunt character with so much care and concern about the bringing up of sister-brother had performed well.

What works?

1) Fulfilled first half

2) Siddharth, G. V. Prakash, and Lijomol Jose

3) Dialogues

What doesn’t work?

1) Tiring stunt scenes in the second half

2) Unwanted characters

On the whole, ‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’ is refreshment with the subject of family bonding which was absent in Tamil Cinema for a very long time!


‘Sivappu Manjal Pachai’ is a fight for getting the green light in a brotherhood bonding!

Ratings: 5/10

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