‘Zombie’ Movie Review!

‘Zombie’ is a caution to eat ‘chicken’ but with a thrill ride!

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Direction: Bhuvan Nullan
Production: S3 Pictures
Cast: Yogi Babu, Yashika Aannand, Gopi(Parithabangal), Sudhakar(Parithabangal), Dhuniya Sudhakar, T. M. Karthik &Black Sheep Anbu
Music: Premgi Amaren
Cinematography: Vishnushri K
Editor: Dinesh Ponraj

Anyways, we have been watching many Hollywood Zombie films earlier; ‘Jayam’ Ravi’s ‘Miruthan’ seems to be the first Tamil Zombie film which had a descent talk because of the varied genre. Seemed to have the comedy as genre with the presence of Yogi Babu, let’s watch how this ‘Zombie’ film had vamped out in screens this week!


Three friends (Gopi(Parithabangal), Sudhakar(Parithabangal) & Black Sheep Anbu) due to various problems in their personal lives come to relax in a local bar where they get to meet a high-class businessman (T. M. Karthik) who is also having depression due to his musical addict wife. Due to a petty fight with a local don ‘Pistol’ Raj (Yogi Babu) and ‘Petta’ Philips (Bijili Ramesh), the entire bar gets messed up and three friends along with the businessman decide to go for a holiday in a BMW car. Along with them, the drunkard ‘Petta’ Philips also joins with a case full of drinks and ‘Pistol’ Raj’s iPhone. On the other hand, Aishwarya (Yashika Aannand) come for a fun trip with her college friends in the same resort where the men plan to drop in on the go with the BMW. Enjoying a DJ night with heavy dance and drinks with Yashika and other college students, the men become hangover and wake up in the early morning where they find all the women who had ‘chicken’ filled non-vegetarian food on the previous night as zombies. Having no idea about what is happening Aishwarya joins the men to escape from there. Simultaneously, ‘Pistol’ Raj and his henchmen come to get his iPhone to the same resort without knowing about the zombies. What will happen next? Will someone have bites of zombies or will they somehow escape from these zombies? What will happen to ‘Pistol’ Raj who comes in search of his iPhone? The remaining fun-filled thrill will be revealed in the climax of ‘Zombie’!


Starting up with the portrayal of practical instances of how a virus can affect any human by spreading out infections/disease, the screenplay in the first half moved smoothly whereas the introduction of three friends felt little laid back but maintained to have the rush once the travel was involved. Picking up the thrill in the second half, the running to save life and the disguise to divert zombies seemed quite dragging such that it had fewer details on Yashika who was doing nothing to stop people from becoming zombies being a medical student rather than running from there. With every fun-filled dialogues, spoofs by imitating many other films/actors and also characters, the entire film was gradually moving with no serious instances. Besides that, the music of Premgi Amaren, the cinematography of Vishnushri K and the editing of Dinesh Ponraj had been neat throughout this fun ride!


Been filling up more humor, the main characters Gopi(Parithabangal), Sudhakar(Parithabangal), T. M. Karthik & Black Sheep Anbu had been the constants in the screen whereas T. M. Karthik and ‘Bijili’ Ramesh had accompanied to rejoice the funny sequences even though it didn’t work out in few scenes. However, Yashika had proved herself as a performer than being a glamour element of the film; her improvement in acting had been gradually increasing. Actually Yogi Babu seemed to be in an extended cameo appearance rather than being an important character in the film. Apart from that, John Vijay as a comedy cop had also finished off the portions in his usual humorous style.

What works?

1) Comedy sequences in the serious phase

2) Technical aspects

What doesn’t work?

1) Logic mistakes

2) The dragged-out rush to escape from zombies after interval

On the whole, ‘Zombie’ is a fun ride if logic mistakes are not taken as a serious note!

Verdict: ‘Zombie’ is a caution to eat ‘chicken’ but with a thrill ride!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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