Srikanth and Rai Laxmi pairs up in a film directed by Bala’s assistant!

Debut Director J Parthiban directs Srikanth and Raai Laxmi in an upcoming film!

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Graduating from DFT in Adyar, Chennai, Director J Parthiban had been working as an assistant to director Bala. Continued by that, he is now working on his debut film ‘Mirugaa’ which involves the bankrolling of P Vinod Jain’s ‘Jaguar Studios’. Based in Chennai, Producer Vinod Jain ventures into film production for the first time after producing many shows in Tamil and Telugu TV channels. Stated to have a story with the struggles of a murderer who had been cheating on many women earlier with his handsomeness and behavior which leads to the bad consequences after he gets married to a woman, ‘Mirugaa’ seems to deal with such a crux storyline. Along with Srikanth and Raai Laxmi, ‘Mirugaa’ also involves Dev Ghill, Naira, Vaishnavi Chandran Menon, Dhwitha, Black Paandi in the other supportive roles. With the musical composition of Arul Dev, the cinematography of ‘Mirugaa’ is handled by MV Panneerselvam. Editing is done by Sudarshan whereas Art Direction is supervised by Milan and Raja Mohan. Stunt Masters ‘Thalapathy’ Dinesh and Sridhar have been choreographing stunts in ‘Mirugaa’. Shooting on the locations of Chennai, Pollachi, Munnar, Thalaikona, Ooty, and Kodaikanal, ‘Mirugaa’ seems to hit the screens very soon.

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