‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’ Movie Review!

‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’ Movie Review!

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Direction: R. Parthiepan
Production: Bioscope Film Framers
Cast: R. Parthiepan
Music: Santhosh Narayanan (“Kulirudha Pulla” Song) C. Sathya (Background Score)
Cinematography: Ramji
Editor: R Sudharshan

Making a different attempt of having only one actor on screen, R. Parthiepan’s ‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’ has been very much expected in theatres this week. Let us see how this film with the different idea had worked out!

Masilamani is a struggling dad taking care of his physically challenged son and gets caught as an accused of a murder case. Further through investigation along with his acceptance, Police get to know that he is a murderer of 2 more murders which had happened elsewhere. The only evidence to suspect Masi and the hint left in the spots where murders had happened seems to be a single slipper with a size of 7 whereas Masi’s footwear size is 11. On the other hand, Police find Masi to be disturbed mentally where he tells irrelevant statements that are hardly understood. Will Masi be the murderer or who else would have done the murders? What is the background of the murders? Will Masi admit the truth by revealing what has happened? If he admits, why did he leave a single slipper with size 7 as a hint in all the murder spots when his footwear size is 11?

Been taking up a great challenge in showing off only his face in the entire movie, Parthiepan made the other characters in the film to revolve around with the voice-overs. However, he had given importance for the ambiance music (Sound designing of Resul Pookutty) and also in the performance. Slight tiring clink had been there which can’t be done anything since his face is only human element till the end, the story which is based on the real-life incidents and had been trending a few days before in Chennai is cleanly inserted well. Besides that, the technical aspects like the cinematography of Ramji and editing of R Sudharshan had been so much neat in which Parthiepan’s humor touch was also hanging on then and there.

With the performance part, Parthiepan had done his best to avoid the tiring feeling for the audience with a neat screenplay whereas some instances like the murder investigation talks had been provoking quite confusions on and off.

On the whole, ‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’ is a good attempt in experimenting with cinema from a promising filmmaker!

‘Oththa Seruppu Size 7’ is a film which will be more about reviewing than commercially enjoying!

(Since the making of the film is highly experimental, the ratings of the film will not be provided)

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