‘Petromax’ Movie Review!

‘Petromax;’ is a decent comedy horror thriller with a neat presentation when compared to the recent horror flicks which get released these days!

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Direction: Rohin Venkatesan

Production: Eagle's Eye Production

Cast: Tamannaah, Yogi Babu, Munishkanth

Kaali Venkat, Sathyan Mime Gopi & Prem

Music: Ghibran

Cinematography: Dani Raymond

Editor: Leo John Paul

Stated to be the remake horror film of Taapsee starrer ‘Anando Brahma’, ‘Petromax’ seems to be the first female lead-character oriented film for Tamannaah. Been having many horror films and remake films as a huge heap already in Kollywood, let us see whether ‘Petromax’ is lit or not!


Prem comes to India from Malaysia and finds his parents dead such that he decides to sell his house which is without their absence and settle in Malaysia. However, with the help of his friend, he tries to sell the house in a week before he returns to Malaysia such that the buyers get horrified by stating that the house is haunted while they check out the house before buying. In order to sell the house at good price, Prem makes Munishkanth and 3 more men stay there to prove to people that there is nothing in that house. Anyways, the four men have different problems with the extreme need for money; they accept and live there for almost 3 to 4 days. On the other hand, the ghosts (Tamannaah, a kid, an old man and another man) stay and try to torture the 4 men who are staying their house; will they get scared and leave the house? Why the ghosts are residing in Prem’s house? What is the end of this ‘Petromax’ will be followed by then in the climax!


As a ‘pakka’ remake with the same story, the film seemed descent with more fun moments such that the first half was different but a bit confusing at few instances that is mainly while revealing about the ghosts. However, the second half was completely out and out of comical moments; there were the touch of sentiment and slight drama which seemed usual. Overall, it is a good attempt to have such remake with multiple plots with proper revelation and with light humor moments which will be definitely welcomed by family audience but might upset for the dragged out first half and the lagging out screenplay. Also, the cinematography, editing, and music had also been pleasant throughout this drama-horror film.


However, this film seemed to have a buzz that Tamannaah is doing the main lead role, No! Don’t trust such rumor anymore and the spoiler is Munishkanth plays the main role but Tamannaah had done her role well as much as it was characterized. Munishkanth been holding on the main role, he and his 3 partners which include Kaali Venkat, Sathyan and TSK had performed well. The second half had been holding on strong with wits by these three men’s wits. Apart from them, Yogi Babu, ‘Mynaa’ Nandhini, Prem and ‘Mime’ Gopi had appeared their supporting roles well.

What works?

1) Comedy instances revolving around 4 men

2) Sentimental drama

3) Cinematography, background music

What doesn’t work?

1) First half

2) Logic mistakes

On the whole, ‘Petromax’ is an enjoyable comedy-drama horror film which can be watched for once!


‘Petromax;’ is a decent comedy horror thriller with a neat presentation when compared to the recent horror flicks which get released these days!



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