‘Puppy’ Movie Review!

‘Puppy’ is all about love and lust but in a decent way!

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Direction: Nattu Dev

Production: Vels Film International

Cast: Varun, Samyuktha Hegde, Yogi Babu

Rajendran & G. Marimuthu

Music: Dharan Kumar

Cinematography: Dipak Kumar Padhy

Editor: Richie

Creating great hype through the first look and the trailer, ‘Puppy’ seemed to be an adult-centric film and had made us guess why a dog is involved in such a genre. Let us see what this ‘Puppy’ is all about!


Varun is a college student and is so obsessed with watching porn videos whereas he also faces peer pressure to lose his virginity and experience the pleasure which every youngster wanted to have in such an age group. On the other hand, he extremely loves his pet dog ‘Puppy’ which also seems to be beloved to him besides his friends. Being in the home because of the suspension he had got as a result of his mischievous act inside the classroom, he finds the heroine Samyuktha Hedge to come as a new tenant on the first floor of his house. As a newcomer to the city and being foodie, Samyuktha gets the help of Varun to explore different places and foods in Chennai such that they both gradually fall in love and make love at an instance. Up next, the couple gets panicked if Samyuktha might be pregnant while the ‘Puppy’ also remains pregnant. What will happen next? Will they tell about their situation to their parents? If Samyuktha is pregnant, will she abort it or accept to have the baby at a young age? What will happen to ‘Puppy’? The remaining is revealed in the touching climax of ‘Puppy’!


Without slipping out from the main story and without involving too many characters, Nattu Dev had attempted the linear story with the unidirectional idea in a very simple way which is really impressive to prove in the first film. Apart from that, the characters which were scripted were realistic and were not overboard of imagination. We could relate the story to the present youth generation even though the logic mistakes were dodged then and there. Besides them, the soothing music, good visuals with the comedy of Yogi Babu and the short duration with descent cuts were adding up as good positives in this film ‘Puppy’!


Varun as a newcomer in the lead role, he had tried his maximum to be the apt actor for the role such that he represented every youth who wanted to enjoy/experience the pleasure which had become an important aspect in the present days. Good attempt in trying out without fear at his very first lead character and is appreciative. Being foodie and cute young girl revolving in the entire film, Samyuktha Hegde who had been holding on to the primary character had done her best as well. We don’t have to tell about his presence or his humor sense. It’s none other than ‘Yogi Babu’ who can only be the apt actor to create wits in this adult-centric rom-com. He had done a very cool role but the approach of showing out his role was also interesting. Last but not least, the cute Labrador ‘Puppy’ seemed really cute and will definitely attract dog lovers whenever that had appeared on the screen.

What works?

1) Clean presentation of the story

2) Involvement of the cast

3) Songs

What doesn’t work?

1) Lengthy sequences to save Puppy in the pre-climax

2) The unrevealed romance of Varun-Samyuktha to parents

3) Logic mistakes

On the whole, ‘Puppy’ is a neat adult rom-com film which has realistic moments with a simple story for everyone to accept/enjoy the fact in a visually appealing way!


‘Puppy’ is all about love and lust but in a decent way!



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