Vijay Sethupathi reminds me of MGR – Actor Mayilsamy

The upcoming film ‘Alti’ involves the son of Mayilsamy Anbhu Mayilsamy as the main lead!

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Directed by debutant Hussain and bankrolled under the banner of ‘NSR Film Factory’, the upcoming film ‘Alti’ involves Mayilsamy’s son Anbhu Mayilsamy, Manisha Jith, Sendrayan, Marimuthu, Robert Master, Pasanga Sivakumar, Yaasar and many others in the prominent roles. Having the musical composition of Srikanth Deva, the audio launch of the film had happened recently in Chennai with the presence of Actors Mayilsamy, Vijay Sethupathi, Radharavi, Director and Actor K. Bhagyaraj and Stunt master ‘Jaguar’ Thangam.

When Vijay Sethupathi had spoken, he said, “I like Mayilsamy’s performance and his way of talking a lot. He will carry a unique style even if he comes for one scene or multiple scenes. He won’t be committing anything which is unwanted while performing as well as while he is talking. There is a saying that we need to learn a lot from legends. Even though Mayilsamy has so many good qualities, we need to learn specifically about the innocence he has. Similarly, his son Anbhu should also learn a lot of things from his father Mayilsamy and I wish he should become something big in the film industry.”

When Actor Mayilsamy had addressed the press reporters, he had stated that “I thank all the guests who are all present here and wished my son. I convey my special thanks to Vijay Sethupathi who had considered my son Anbhu’s invitation and wished him for both his birthday and his movie. I am very proud of my son. Even though he had acted in ten films, this is his first film for having an audio launch with his presence. Like ‘Jaguar’ Thangam had mentioned, Vijay Sethupathi is a very practical person just like MGR. He is exactly like him when he comes for aid and while he behaves very friendly. Everyone used to tell that MGR has passed away but I would like to tell that MGR is not dead because according to me whoever comes forward to help others are like MGR.”

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