‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ Movie Review!

‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ is an emergency state in a slow moving and tiring phase!

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Direction: Suresh Kamatchi
Production: V House Productions
Cast: Sri Priyanka, Harish, “Vazhakku en” Muthuraman & Seeman
Music: Ishaan Dev
Cinematography: Bala Barani
Editor: R Sudharsan

Been a while expecting for the release of the Producer Suresh Kamatchi’s debut directorial, the film ‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ is stated to have filmed the incidents based on true events which were faced by women police in day-to-day life. Let us see how ‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ had performed on screens this week!


Being a perverted and selfish Police officer, “Vazhakku en” Muthuraman misbehaves with Sri Priyanka who is an ordinary police constable in daily routine basis such that Sri Priyanka also bears all his tortures since there is no go except to stand against him due to his higher designation. In order to torture her, he puts her in a situation to stand alone in the middle of a bridge for security purposes of a Sri Lankan VIP who is about to reach and worship that day at Sangameswarar temple. Standing a whole day in the hot sun and by drinking plenty of water, Sri Priyanka feels to use loo very urgently whereas she is stopped to stand still there because of various reasons and also due to her duty which was imposed on her by the higher official as revenge. However, there had been an alert to Police for being careful in letting devotees inside, will there be any disaster happening because of refugees or terrorists? Will she be controlling her emergency state till the VIP leaves after worshiping? How will she manage and what will be the end is revealed in the climax of ‘Miga Miga Avasaram’!


Stated to have written and filmed with the base of a true incident, Producer Suresh Kamatchi had done his best in narrating the instances which a normal woman police constable faces on everyday basis. Starting off with the solid characterizations, the idea which Suresh Kamatchi had tried to portray on-screen definitely deserves an appreciation. Without having any commercial elements like fight and song sequences, the film had a neat screenplay but had lagged in few instances like during the narration of the woman constable’s background, her love interest, also other backstories for the higher official to show his vengeance etc., Even though the first half seemed very chaotic with the introductions of characters which can be actually considered, the second half maintained the same speed with the continuous slow and similar instances of the first half which was quite tiring. Some of the characters like the role of Seeman, other woman constable and men constables were seemed very passive whereas the question arising instances like Sri Lankan refugees etc., were different for creating the thrill of ‘What’s next?’ factor. Overall, the characterization of the lead and the slowly revealing plots are the interesting aspects of the film. Technically, the cinematography and editing seemed very decent, also the silence with slight background music also looked pretty soothing for this 95 minutes long film.


Playing the lead role, Sri Priyanka who had owed the character of woman police constable had performed well by understanding the seriousness by delivering the depth in the characterization. Apart from that, “Vazhakku en” Muthuraman who had been playing the important character as the arrogant police official had performed well as usual whereas Seeman’s character had less scope for performing such that he appeared only for 3 scenes which seemed ok. Besides them, the other characters which were played by E.Ramadoss, Linga, “Aandavan katktalai” Aravindh, Saravana Shakthi, V.K. Sundar, Guna and Vetri Kumaran seemed neat as much it is required for supporting the performance of the lead roles.

What works?

1) Performance of Sri Priyanka

2) Unique idea

3) Revealing the plot and characterization of the lead

What doesn’t work?

1) No comedy, fight and other commercial elements

2) Unwanted characters

On the whole, ‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ is all about emergency situations which every woman constable faces on a daily routine basis.

Verdict: ‘Miga Miga Avasaram’ is an emergency state in a slow moving and tiring phase!

Ratings: 4.5/10

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