‘Action’ Movie Review!

‘Action’ is a mass and class action film with decent approach!

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Direction: Sundar C

Production: Trident Arts

Cast: Vishal, Tamannaah, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Akanksha Puri,

Chaya Singh, Ramki, Kabir Duhan Singh & Yogi Babu

Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Cinematography: Dudley

Editor: N. B. Srikanth

Been having a great expectation for a while, this year has a great list of action-filled films like ‘Saaho’, ‘Asuran’, ‘Kaithi’ etc in which Vishal starrer ‘Action’ is also one among them. Let us see how this ‘Action’ has worked out on screens!


Subhash (Military Commando) comes in search of a mafia don who is hiding with the power of Pakistan Government along with his co-commando Diya such that there is a background for him personally (losing his yet to become Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and elder brother (Ramki) through a bomb blast and his love interest Meera(Aishwarya Lekshmi) by the well-trained lady killer, Kiara (Akanksha Puri)) and also professionally (for getting the most wanted criminal and terrorist, Syed Ibrahim Malik). How he tries to catch the main head after directed by so many clues, where and all he travels and how he fights for getting the terrorist is the story of ‘Action’!


As we all know Sundar C majorly for commercial and mass films, the attempt which has been done in ‘Action’ with complete action is appreciated. However, some of the action sequences remind us of ‘Day and Night’, ‘Quantum of Solace’, ‘Mission Impossible’ and many other Hollywood films, the thrill was great in the first half which was traveling till the pre-climax. Also, the scenes like Ramki taking up his father’s Chief Minister Designation portion, Vishal going abroad for the mission without higher officials and Government’s approval and Vishal entering into Kabir Duhan Singh’s Empire are quite unbelievable. Only slight satisfaction had been slipping down during the getup change of Vishal during the climax and during the comedy sequences of Sha Ra and Yogi Babu. Apart from that, the cinematography and editing were neat and crisp. Definitely we need to mention Adhi’s background score had been a decent show in the thrilling screenplay.


Giving more efforts in full and full action, Vishal’s efforts are well evident in the film even without a dupe. Supporting him, Tamannaah and Akanksha Puri also had done a good job. Adding more beauty to the screen and as a newcomer, Aishwarya Lekshmi had performed well. Apart from them, Kabir Duhan Singh, Ramki, Chaya Singh, Sayaji Shinde, Pala Karuppiah had done their roles as required for their parts. Trying to cop up with the wits in the action thriller, Sha Ra and Yogi Babu seemed to disappear half the way while they appeared on screens.

What works?

1) Vishal & Tamannaah

2) Cinematography & Editing

3) Action sequences

What doesn’t work?

1) Logic mistakes

2) Unbelievable sequences in the screenplay

On the whole, in spite of reminding multiple Hollywood action films, the thrill was carried away in a decent way in ‘Action’.


‘Action’ is a mass and class action film with decent approach!



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